quick Emmett update

A few things have been happening, so I’ll tell you about those, although really what I need to post about is the girls’ weekend in London that I had last Saturday and Sunday…alas

  • Emmett will be having a MRI of his brain at some point in the near future. This is to rule out some primary brain abnormality (in addition to whatever syndrome he turns out to have) that is causing his lack of developmental progress
  • Emmett apparently has a problem with his T cells (an immune deficiency), and so his negative response to his TB test might not be accurate (but we know, from the thousands of chest x-rays he’s had, that he does not have active TB)…appointments with new and different specialists to follow
  • Emmett will be having the first stage of his hypospadias correction next Wednesday (18 Mar). This was pretty unexpected, as we thought that the urologist would want to wait and just have us do it when we get back to the States. But no, he thinks we should go ahead, and he has an opening next week. So just like all the other times, please hold Emmett in your prayers – please pray that this surgery and recovery will go well and not require a long hospital stay (supposedly, this will just be an overnighter, but we’ve heard that one before). Oh yeah, and that he won’t pick up any more nasty bacteria 🙂

Those are the highlights, although I think I might be forgetting something. Next time, girls’ trip, I promise.

As for our little lego eater, the doctor thinks that this, too, shall pass (hee, hee). He told us we could sift through his poop – I took a pass on that one.

Oh, and a big welcome to our house guest, Ruby! Ruby belongs to Sarah and Pete (you know, the surrogate parents to our kids), who are currently on a 2 week jaunt to America (I miss you already, Sarah – I hope Target is treating you well!). Ruby is an 11 month-old golden retriever. Oh yes, and Ruby is currently in heat. Ruby tells me to tell the world that she misses her family VERY, VERY, VERY MUCH, and that it is SUPER BOOOORRRIINNGGG here.



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4 responses to “quick Emmett update

  1. still praying for emmett! 🙂

  2. nora

    I’ll be thinking of Emmett…I would love to hear about the girls weekend. Weekend!! Not just night. It must have been a blast. As usual we are missing you here. We recently talked about Grace’s future wedding-a hot topic with 4.5 year old girls you know. She decided from the extensive list of boys (excluding her dad and brother, much to her chagrin)that Noah would most certainly still be who she would marry someday. Because she “just really likes him”.

  3. Beth

    I think Noah is a good pick for Grace. 🙂 I think Addie is going to marry Logan. They’re like peas and carrots.

    Girls weekend….ahhhh….I can’t wait for one of those!! I’m sure you had a blast.

    Lauren, you’ve got to write on here more. I love it! I know you’re super busy and tired though.

    Miss ya!

  4. Beth

    I’m on here stalking you….wondering how you’re doing! Hope you had a good weekend!

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