i heart tuesdays…mostly

Tuesdays and Thursdays are the days that Sawyer and Emmett go to the childminder, so with Noah at school, Tuesdays are usually my free day (I or Emmett usually have an appointment on any given Thursday, and it doesn’t count as a free day in my book if you have to spend it at the doctor’s office).

Today Mike took the younger ones to the childminder, then I took Noah to school and went grocery shopping. After that I came home and proceeded to read until after lunch, at which point I fell asleep. When I woke up, I picked up Noah from school, and read some more while he played. It was a mostly perfect day. Mostly perfect, because I DID have to go grocery shopping, and the book I read was pretty terrible. Called Betwixt, it was advertised that fans of the Twilight series would love it. Ummm, not so much.

Anyway, Mike brought the little ones home after work. About 10 minutes later the close-to-perfection fell apart when Noah comes crying into the kitchen, claiming that Sawyer ate one of his legos.

The subsequent interogation went something like this:

me: Sawyer, did you eat one of Noah’s legos?

Sawyer: yes

me: why would you do such a thing?

Sawyer: (starting to tear up) because I was HUNGEEEEE (obviously the turkey sandwich, juice box, pretzels, cheese stick, granola bar and apple I sent with him to the childminder were not sufficient for a two year old)

me: did that lego look or taste like food?

Sawyer: yes

Noah: Sawyer, you are NOT allowed to play with my legos any more!!!

Sawyer: (in full blown crying mode now) Noah says he won’t play with me anymore

me: well, you ate his toy (while giving him a hug)

While I was on the phone with the nurse advice line a few minutes later, the story changed completely. Noah claims that he didn’t see him eat a lego after all, and that Sawyer is lying…

me: Sawyer, did you eat a lego?

Sawyer: (after listening to Noah tell him that he didn’t, in fact, eat a lego) no

me: why did you tell me that you did?

Sawyer: I was just pretending. I was just JOKING

me: you are in big trouble mister

Sawyer: why?

me: either you are lying to me now, or were lying then, and I can’t figure out what the truth is here, and the nurse says that you have to go to the doctor tomorrow!

Sawyer: why?

me: so they can make sure your belly is ok

Sawyer: (this topic is getting boring for him) Noah, lets go play Star Wars.



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7 responses to “i heart tuesdays…mostly

  1. Beth

    Hilarious!!! So that’s what I have to look forward to once Griffin starts talking….Great.

    Ahhhh….reading, then taking a nap. Seriously, one of my favorite things to do. That is a perfect day for me.

    How are the baby names coming along?

  2. nora

    I need a childminder. But not a two year old who may or may not eat Legos… 🙂

  3. LOL. That was the funniest ever. I had a first grader once who swallowed a quarter on his first day of school. Kids. 🙂

  4. Jennifer

    Ah, yes. Eating toys and other household items. Such fun.

    Macey once stuck a small sponge thing from an eyeshadow brush up her nose. That was special.

    And then there was the time Kane at 128 Gummy Bear vitamins. That was a fun conversation with Poison Control (who ultimately said he might have a stomach ache and that he probably wouldn’t need any more vitamins for a few months).

    Trying to get info out of small children is one of the treats of parenthood.

  5. Charity

    I had to stop myself from laughing too loudly!!! We just had the SAME incident happen about a week and half ago with Tate and Jaron and a Gogo crazy bone! Fortunately we found the crazy bone and no trip to the doc ;)!!!

  6. Christina

    That sounds very much like the conversation we had with R and Zeeb the night Hubby found a bunch of children’s tylenol wrappers in the garbage. I still don’t know how many R consumed and I’m not absolutely positive Zeeb didn’t eat any. (Generally, he’ll start crying and saying sorry! when he knows he’s busted. Since he maintained his innocence, I believed him. But maybe he’s just getting better at lying???) Fun stuff! Hope the lego incident ends well!

  7. what little stinkers!! i wonder what really happened?!!

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