names continued

ooooh, I just love talking about baby names – so much fun (although I am certain y’all will tire of it before I will). Just to add a few things from the last post:

  • Coburn would be cool as a first name – its my paternal grandmother’s maiden name. But I have a cousin who has already used it for her boy.
  • We will not be naming the baby Cannonbolt, or Four Arms or Upchuckย  or Ben or Tennyson or any other names that relate to Ben Ten
  • The same goes with Star Wars
  • Oh, and also Peter Pan
  • I have to say that more and more, Campbell is falling out of favor, leaving my top contenders Winston and Jasper. And I really like Jasper better, honestly. If you’re going to made fun of for your name, Jasper the Friendly Ghost is better than a lot of other stuff (this I know firsthand), and I think if we called a Winston Win, it could easily turn into Winnie the Pooh or Whine. The Twilight thing is the only thing holding me back.
  • No, Stephen will not be making an appearance as a middle name either…sorry Mike
  • I had forgotten about Foster though – that was a possibility for Emmett too
  • We will not be naming the baby Barnabus, although Mike has suggested it. Barnabus was what we were going to name Sawyer. Its a great Biblical name, and we would have called him Barns, but I am so glad that we didn’t do it. Y’all have all seen pictures of Sawyer – am I wrong to think that everyone would have called him Barney? He just looks like a Barney. And I’m willing to bet the same would hold true for any other baby with our genes.
  • I love Beth’s and Nora’s other suggestions – Dash is super cute, and Read is awesome, but I don’t want to do one syllable
  • Please keep the suggestions coming!

See? I could talk about this FOREVER. Which is probably why this isn’t Mike’s favorite topic of conversation.



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15 responses to “names continued

  1. nora

    Ok ok.
    So I will continue to barrage you with names although I still like your top picks. It is just too much fun to leave alone.
    Atticus. Atticus #$##k just has such a ring to it, right?
    Neville (aka more Harry Potter questions)
    Alright. So that is all I have for now..I will keep thinking.

  2. Jeannie

    This IS really fun. And I love the names you come up with. So cool and so “you.” Man I miss you. Come home already! ๐Ÿ™‚

    “better than a lot of other stuff (this I know firsthand),”

    Hah! I won’t comment here about that, but my brother still calls you that name.

  3. Oh this is a blast. How about Wesley? Same genre as Winston, but cuter nickname that can’t become Pooh. Wes. Or Wayland or Wylee/Wiley. Have u used Nymbler yet ( You plug in names you like and it’ll generate new name ideas from a similar genre. Try it out! You’ll have a blast.

  4. Also, Barnabus might’ve been a tough one to pull off b/c it would totally become Barney, but if you like the biblical names, what about Ezekial (sp?). Zeek for short…oh, but that’s 1 syllable isn’t it?! Hmm. I’ll keep thinking;)

  5. How about Weston? (Though I’m still a big Jasper fan). Weston is very similar to Winston but can’t be made into Winnie. I actually wanted to use Weston as Quinn’s middle name, since it goes very well with his actual first name, but my husband wouldn’t go for it.

  6. Hi Lauren,
    I am a lurker, but I had to de-lurk to chime in on the baby name-game. We have a Sawyer, too, by the way. LOVE it! We chose it for many of your same reasons, but primarily because we didn’t know any other Sawyers. Come to find out that not only does he have another Sawyer in his class, but another Sawyer H., just like him. Oh well…back to the drawing board…

    I really liked Sutton and Creighton when Sawyer was born. I also really like Fletcher (Fletch for short) or Thatcher (Thatch), but they do end like Sawyer, so they might be no-go’s, too. What about Phinneus (Phinn or Finn for short)?

    Have fun! And blessings to you and your family!

    Rochelle from WI

    PS…I really, really like Jasper, too!

  7. Donna Hassen

    I love the name Jasper. That is my pick.

  8. Ok, I love Ezekiel for the Zeke nickname. But I’d like to suggest putting Dash back on the table, becuase it’s not necessarily a name unto itself — it’s a nickname for Dashiell, a very cool name and very cool author.

  9. Ok, I love the name game. I am glad to live vicariously through you. ๐Ÿ™‚ (Not ready for number 2 yet!) I have to say that I don’t like Jasper much…too close to Casper. I don’t like Zeke. It sounds like a computer Geek that doesn’t get out much. I don’t like Barns because it is too close to Parks. Which, obviously, is a super cute doggy name. ๐Ÿ™‚ So, what DO I like? Good thing I am not naming a kid any time soon! But if it was us, we have the boy name (Hagan) from Mally so we wouldn’t need a new one yet. A girl name would kill us though. I like Winston a LOT. I used to babysit a Winston. No one called him Win, but it’s cute too. I like Beckitt, Breckin, Merrick, Foster, and LOVE Coburn. So, there you have it. Not that you listen to me! Emmett is growing on me by the way. Anyhow, I liked Tennyson. Too bad. Oh, and Wilde, like Oscar, but too bad they would be teased for being wild. Or self-fulfilling.

  10. Beth

    The name game is fun! I’m with you, Lauren. I think Barnabus would turn into Barney.

    I like Read or Reid…could you go with something like Reidlee? or Redding?

    Jasper is cute, but I can’t imagine it on a grown man…..and it’s close to Casper….I’m sure it would grow on me though. ๐Ÿ™‚ I LOVE Dash. Steve actually considered it when we were pregnant with Griffin. I think it would be a good middle name.

    Here’s some more to add to my list:

    Here’s my first list:
    Julian (Jules)
    Oliver (itโ€™s a fab name!)
    Finneus Phineas (Finn)

  11. Avery is a girl’s name here. I have a neighbor whose son is Hudson and we call him the Hudster. It’s so cute.

  12. lisa

    Paxton, dylan, & Lucas

  13. Ooh! I LOVE Paxton. We talked about using that if we have a second boy. Then we would have Mally, Hagan, and Paxton. I think they go well. Of course, that’s 2 pregnancies from now. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. How about Hampton? It fits all your rules…but does start with an H…

  15. Jennifer

    Hampton like the hotel chain? Maybe they could do Ramada next? Come on now, Hampton?? Seriously girl. Of course, I can tease you cause I know you. LOL

    Between Winston and Jasper, it’s hands down Winston. Jasper is just….wrong. Not even because of the friendly ghost thing, it’s more of a hick name or something. Makes me think of an old man with no teeth and chewing tobacco in overalls and no shoes.

    Winston, however, is dignified. Cute, but manly at the same time.

    I also like Paxton, though that was the name of the bully in my girls’ Kinder class last year, so that nearly ruined a very cute name for me. Funny now those things work, huh?

    I’m still liking Foster, Sutton, and even Gibson from the lists posted so far. Oh, and Weston. That one is cool too.

    Let’s see:

    Houston (I know, I know…it’s an H)

    I think that’s everything that I like that’s been listed, plus a few more to ponder. We’d use Mitchell if we had another boy, and while it’s not even my favorite, we found that boy names are just freaking HARD to come up with. If we’d had to name four, holy moly it would have been really, really hard. We had a hard enough time coming up with a second potential name as it was.

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