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So a big HA to all of you (the majority of my friends) who thought we were having a girl. I knew it was a boy. After all, the odds were very much in our favor, and my husband doesn’t think he is capable of producing a girl.

Everything looked good at the Level II ultrasound, which made me super happy, and I truly don’t care if we have a boy or a girl. This being said, though, I do someday want to have a girl, so the plan would be for us to adopt another child in the future. I think Mike was a little disappointed that this one isn’t a girl, because I think he’d really like to be done with 4 children. And of course, neither one of us is at all eager to get started on another adoption in the near future, given our experience with Emmett. So we’ll see.

Being that this baby was completely unplanned, I am just thrilled that for now, this pregnancy has been really smooth, which is a lot more than I can say for my pregnancy with Sawyer. Please keep up the good work, baby and uterus!

So: names. Of course I have 2 perfect (for us) girl names all picked out, but at this point, boy names that I absolutely love are a bit harder to come by. The top choice right now is Winston. We would call him Win, and I like that the name has English connotations (Churchill). It also fits pretty well with Emmett.

I think I’ve gone over my naming criteria in the past – this name must start with a different letter than the other boys (Noah, Sawyer, and Emmett), and I’d like it to end differently too, although that’s not a deal breaker. I’d like for it to sound good with the others, although we already have names that fall into different categories. We have to be careful about names that end with Ks or hard Cs, as they can make a joke out of our last name (like the name Mike does). And finally, it can’t be too out there, but also not a really popular name either. The middle name will be a family name, probably either Robert, John, or Coburn.

My other choices right now are Campbell – which the boys like, because they want to call the baby Cannonbolt (from Ben 10), and Jasper, which was high on my list when Sawyer was born, but Mike didn’t care for it (but he also didn’t like Sawyer until I wore him down and we decided on it). I really really like Jasper, but I’m afraid that because we already have an Emmett, and both are character names from Twilight, that people will think I’m a Twilight freak, even though I had picked out Emmett as a top choice before the books came out, and Jasper was a top pick wayyyy before the books were even written. I guess Oliver is still high on the list, although I think its a little too popular for me (and Beth, it makes me think of your super sweet-natured cat). I still love Atticus, but I don’t think it goes well at all with the others, and Mike really doesn’t like it. I love the name Silas (and can’t wait to see pictures of Angie’s baby Silas), but can’t do it with Sawyer.

Mike’s suggestion, as with each of our children, is Stephen. Stephen is a nice name, but is not going to happen. Mike doesn’t ever suggest anything else, and doesn’t even really enjoy talking about baby names, ย so its up to me and my friends and family to come up with ideas here.

So what do you think? Would Jasper be too Twilight weird with Emmett, or am I overestimating the popularity of the books? Because if it isn’t too weird, that would be my top choice. Is Winston too uptight – too British? What other names do you think are cool?

Please help me out y’all!

In other news, I am FINALLY done with the mountains of laundry produced by the lice invasion. Emmett has been in a pretty good mood the last couple of days, following a few days of NONSTOP crying, after leaving the hospital, remembering that he is not my only child, ย AND getting vaccinations (would have liked to have waited longer, but really, the kid is almost 11 months old, is hardly ever healthy enough to get them, and was waiting on his 6 month shots). He is doing good with the pump (which I ADORE) overnight – right now he’s getting about 3/4’s of his daily intake overnight, and we’re steadily increasing that so that we won’t have to give him any more boluses through his tube during the day, and he can just work on eating and drinking by mouth in the daytime. Let’s see, other than that, we’re still working on the MRSA treatment, and gearing up for Noah to start back to school tomorrow. Oh, and another appointment heavy week. Oh, and just really looking foward to Mike coming home, which will happen who knows when.



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11 responses to “its a …

  1. Before I even got to the part where you said you like the name Jasper, I was thinking, “She has an Emmett, she really should name this one Jasper. Or Edward.”
    No, you are not overestimating the popularity of these books. They are pretty HUGE. However, I think it would be cute to have an Emmett and Jasper. As long as you don’t adopt a girl and name her Rosalie. And don’t give any of them Cullen as a middle name. And maybe don’t get a dog and name it Jacob.
    Glad the lice laundry is done. I can’t imagine what a horrible task that was. I live in fear of having to deal with that some day. I swear, I will shave every single member of my family bald if anyone ever gets lice.

  2. wow…4 boys!! i am pretty speechless!! CONGRATS!!! i am so thrilled that everything is going well with the pregnancy and the baby! oh, and i LOVE the name winston…i think it fits perfect with the other boys’ names! can’t wait to hear what you decide!

    i am big on the names going well together and each starting with a different letter. but, as you know, i strayed a lot with silas! it starts with an s, like savannah, and it is a totally different kind of name than the girls. savannah grace and adeline rose are SO southern and silas is SO not. but, it just suited him, so i threw all my rules out the window and went with it!

  3. Charity

    I can’t believe that I have seen you twice and you didn’t mention it was a boy ;)!!! I think “Winston” is an awesome name! But then, I am of the opinion that names should not be too common (i.e. my children!). And I like that it will always make you think of your time in England and give him a bit of his English roots :).

  4. Gosh- another boy! Congrats! I did the same thing- 4 boys, then two girls.

    I wouldn’t have made the Twilight connection until you said something, but I can see why you would feel funny about it. I LOVE Atticus! Winston does sound very British, not that there’s anything wrong with that- lol, but I like it!

  5. Oh I KNEW it!!!! 4 boys, holy cow!! Well, I do love the name Winston, but we named our English Bulldog Winston Neville Good, so that name will forever have a chubby, feisty, tough kid connotation to me…not that that is a deal breaker;) Seriously, it’s such a cute name, we just didn’t have any kids to give it to at the time!
    I don’t know anything about Twilight, so I still think those names sound great together. Silas is a super cool name, never heard it before. I did have an adorable patient named Cyrus once those. Is it just me, or is Coburn a ridiculously cool name? And a family name? I’d totally consider that. Could go by Coby as a nickname, which I think is really cute too. Or he could go by Colby, who was a REALLY smart friend of mine in college from Madagascar, so I think it’s a strong name!
    Oh the name game is so fun. Let play it more!! I love your naming style!

  6. Jeannie

    Here’s my 2 cents:

    1. Campbell
    2. Winston
    3. Jasper

    Jasper is really cute but for some odd reason it makes me think of Casper (the Friendly Ghost). Actually my 1 and 2 are pretty much a tie — I love them both.

    And Congrats! on having a smooth pregnancy so far and for adding another boy to the pile ๐Ÿ™‚

    Love you!

  7. Christina

    A boy! Congratulations! I love the name Winston. I actually have a great uncle named Winston – he’s a twin and his brother is Winthrop, which I’ve never heard anywhere else and don’t especially love – but I really like Winston.

    We just had our own little staph scare here which led to a ton a laundry and I was totally thinking of you. I’m glad you are getting past that and that Emmett is feeling better! Hope this is a GREAT week for you!

  8. Beth

    I like the boys name idea, Cannonbolt. One of Logan’s little friends is Kannon. His mom gave him a different middle name….Storm, I think. And Kannon hates it! Ha! But he’s a sweet little boy, head full of dark curly hair. His brother is Madsen, which I love too.

    As far as Jasper and Emmett, I do think people would pick up on it. I’ve had a TON of people ask me if I named Griffin for Gryffindor (sp?) from Harry Potter. I never even thought of it!

    Winston is cool. My high school friend’s brother in law is named Winston. But my friend Jennie had a HUGE dog named Winston, so I always think of him.

    Coburn is good too. I like Laurie’s idea of going with Coby or Colby. Very cute!

    Poor Mike…would you consider using Stephen (Steven) as a middle name? More than likely this is your last boy.

    I’m not so crazy about Campbell. I just think of Campbell’s soup….and it’s a mouth full. Couldn’t really give him a nickname…Camp? Bell? Campy? Good middle name though!!

    Here are some of my faves:
    Julian (Jules)
    Oliver (it’s a fab name!)
    Finneus Phineas (Finn)

  9. Jennifer

    I really like Winston the best. Easy to spell, everyone’s heard of it, but it’s certainly no Michael or Jacob. Win is cute as a nickname, but Winston is very dignified and grown up when he gets big.

    I like Campbell too. Really like it. But I’d worry about it being spelled wrong. Camp would be the obvious nick name, so you have to consider if you like that or not.

    If you like both equally, maybe Mike could be the decision maker between the two? Mark doesn’t get naming rights either…he always suggested Jordan. For a boy. Or a girl. Just Jordan. Um, no. Then he moved on to Alex. I fired him from the naming process after that as he was clearing not up to the task. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I’m not a fan of Atticus. Reminds me of the prison.

    And Jasper is just not at all something I’d use. I just don’t care for it. I, too, think of Jasper the Friendly Ghost. I’ve never read the Twilight books, but everyone around me seems to have read them. I definitely wouldn’t use it if Emmett and Jasper are two main characters in the series though. It’d be like having two kids named after some hit TV series or something.

    What else was on your list? Mike’s suggestion of Stephen? Nope. Don’t like it. Sorry Mike. Maybe Mark will share a seat on the ‘No Naming Rights’ bench with you. ๐Ÿ™‚

    From someone else’s comments list, I like Archer, Sutton, and Foster.

    Oh, and I’d definitely pick Coburn off the middle name list. Very cool for a family name. I might even consider that for a first name. I really do like it a lot. Spelling would be my only real concern for using it as a first name.

  10. oooh congrats!!! After 3 days, I know how Mike feels. I’m fairly certain there would never be a boy borne from this here body of mine. Brothers are great fun ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Nora

    Lauren! A Boy! I am so glad. Your boys are great and we need more of them around (more choices for my girls when they need to marry, I am serious you know)
    Names are so much fun! I love all your choices-Winston was also on our list but I decided it was a tobacco product as well (winston-salem) and just couldn’t do it. Besides Andy was dead set on Axel, which I finally like.
    So. No on Jasper because of Twilight (but we do have Axel…all kinds of questions with that)
    Um I like Campbell-true about a nickname though
    Oliver has ALWAYS been one of my favorites but was also a cat from childhood
    Lets see, I like Beth’s list too
    Can you add ummmm

    Barnabus (what happened with this?)
    Kemp-means fighter
    Read-you know you love it

    So, if you pick one of my names you will win a prize ๐Ÿ™‚ Of course I won’t tell you what it is until you move here to be my neighbor…deal??? I miss you guys sooooo much.

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