Why must things always go wrong when my husband is away?

I don’t think that we’ve written about this before, but Mike left town on Sunday, the day before we got out of the hospital. So thank the Lord that we got out on Monday, or else I would have had to leave Emmett there overnight while I slept at home with Noah and Sawyer, because I’m not the only one with a husband who is out of town – the same goes for all of my friends. So that part did go right.

But I also don’t think that I mentioned that Emmett tested positive for MRSA while he was in the hospital. Which got us our very own private room, but which is a major pain in my patootie. He doesn’t have a MRSA infection (yet, as my pediatrician told me, because the fact that he has horrible excema makes it a lot more likely that he could develop one, given that he always has skin lesions for bacteria to invade), for now they are just sitting on his skin, but these are not the kind of bacteria that we really want hanging out on his skin. Getting rid of the MRSA involves special soaps, shampoos, powders, and nose cream. And also bathing him once daily for a week. Ummm, have I written before about how I am not the parent that usually does baths? When Mike is gone, these kids are lucky to get a bath every 3 days or so. Oh yeah, and his bedding is supposed to be changed after every treatment (every day), although that one is so not happening.

Meanwhile, Noah woke up on Tuesday morning with a very itchy head. Upon close inspection, I find lots of tiny little clear bugs. We’ve never had lice before, but I’m pretty sure that’s what they are. Which means that ALL the bedding has to be changed, including mine, since that’s where Noah and Sawyer end up every night. It also meant that I spent Tuesday morning shaving their heads (in addition to tackling a mountain of laundry) because I do not do parasites in my house. Emmett still has his hair for now- he’s too wiggly for me to cut or shave by myself, and that extra large soft spot makes me nervous. I did, however, get mine chopped off today, although not shaved, which disappointed the boys.

Add in multiple doctor’s visits, general errand running, and being pregnant. Oh, and a screaming baby who has once again realized that he is not the only child in this family and IS NOT HAPPY ABOUT THAT. Oh, and the fact that it is half term for Noah (like a spring break). What you end up with is a very tired Lauren.

I’m going to bed. Maybe next post we can talk names because we now know if we’re having a boy or a girl (and so do you if you read Mike’s facebook page) 🙂



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10 responses to “why

  1. Oh, no fair! I don’t read his Facebook page! I don’t even read my own. Sorry you’re having to deal with lice on top of everything else. Ugh! Life has to slow down for you soon.

  2. Jeannie

    No fair! I don’t do Facebook. Tell us tell us!

  3. Beth

    I know! I know!! 🙂

    I’m so sorry you’re having a run of bad luck again. Hang in there.

  4. Ug, lice. Ick. Well, that’s one way to get you to wash your sheets. Mally got pee on ours and poop on hers today. Luckily I am working part-time so Mr. K got clean-up duty. 🙂

  5. Jennifer

    You are a bad, bad girl teasing everyone like that! Thankfully, at some point who knows when, Mike sent me a link to add him as a friend on Facebook. I don’t DO Facebook, but I still had his request on my account page or whatever it’s called.

    So I know, I know, I know!!! Congratulations!!!

    Ok, so on to the lice thing. Ain’t life fun? I will say this. At least you *could* shave Noah and Sawyer’s hair. That doesn’t work so well with girls.

    I had never given much thought to the seven plagues of Egypt. But I know now why God made one of the plagues lice. Seriously. Those suckers are not.fun.at.all. I feel your pain.

    As for names. We must talk names. You are fun to talk names with. 🙂

  6. Christina

    Oh my. I can’t even imagine all of that at once… and coming on the heels of the hospital stay and all. UGH. Praying for you – may this be the end of the bad stuff for a good looooong time!

  7. Britta

    EVERYTHING happens when they are gone… high fevers, flooding washers (that then flood the floor vent), bloody dog fights….. I am sooo there with you. I wonder what kind of a book it would be if we wrote down everytime that stuff happened while they were gone- would it turn into “remember when” or just a cuss out book? Maybe I shouldn’t find out. ahhahahahahaha

  8. DANG IT!! I knew being anti-facebook was going to come back and bite me in the butt one of these days. Hmm, but then again, so might joining it! Anyway, I can’t wait to hear if it’s a He Bear or a She Bear (one of Jack’s favorite books).
    I’m so sorry about the lice and the MRSA…that totally stinks. Hey, wanna send me a few in a plastic baggy;) Just kidding…unless you want to. Just kidding, for real.

  9. Sarah


    I am a pediatric infectious disease doctor in Virginia (with an adopted son named Emmett!). We see kids with MRSA skin infections ALL THE TIME!! Email me if you have any questions or want to talk.


  10. Sally

    Hi Lauren,

    One of my girls was hospitalized with a MRSA infection on her side that we initially thought was a spider bite. It kept getting bigger and looked like a little volcano. It turned out it was MRSA. She also, at 3 years old, was quarantined in the hospital, with a private room, etc. It also spread to my other daughter who was 5. Zyvox liquid killed it. Don’t mess around with anything less. Demand the Zyvox for Emmett! They tried to start us with regular penicillin when my other daughter had a suspect spot and I had a fit and demanded Zyvox and got it. I had to disinfect the house and I even cooked the kid’s books in the oven, and disinfected all the toys. You want to get rid of that MRSA. As you have lice now, you can clean for both. Lysol everything, door handles, light switches, shampoo carpet professionally.

    And hang in there…

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