PEG tube complete

Well, we got to do the surgery today.  I was a little worried after we were still sitting in the waiting room at noon, but they called us back shortly after that and everything went well.  Emmett is in the PICU tonight with Lauren and is still pretty hopped up on the morphine.  Hopefully he can get onto the regular ward within a day or two.

Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers.  I still can’t believe we got done with this surgery so soon.  I totally expected it to be another 3-4 weeks at least.

For all those who are thinking of visiting this weekend, please stay home since the hospital is only allowing 1 parent to stay due to some infection that is making the rounds there.  No visitors this time. 

I’m sure Lauren will post again tomorrow.  For today, no potty training accidents (although the dog threw up on the carpet).  You can’t win ’em all.



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2 responses to “PEG tube complete

  1. Ha ha! My dog threw up on the carpet, too. Glad you were able to get the surgery done today rather than having it looming over you for the next month or more. Hoping and praying his recovery goes smoothly.

  2. Woohoo! So glad it’s done. Now praying for a quick and smooth recovery.

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