Potty Training Strikes Back

So there I was, talking to the Grandparents on skype earlier today, and it occurred to me that only talking about, discussing, blogging, or thinking about Emmett and his issues seems to be a downer sometimes.  So here is something from the lighter side.


Last weekend, our friends let the boys watch “The Empire Strikes Back” while they were staying at the house.  They had been looking forward to it for a while, and once they saw it they have talked about it nonstop.  Lauren and I seized the opportunity and decided to present the boys with a little positive motivation.  They picked out a couple toy light sabers from the store and we made a deal.  When Sawyer poops in the potty 3 days in a row, he gets to have the light saber.  When Noah learns to read all his school words (about 40), he gets to have his.

Well, this deal worked for 5 days until someone (read Momma) caved in and let Sawyer have his after he pooped in the potty one time and Noah had worked on learning his words for a few minutes.  So now the ‘New Deal’ is this: if Sawyer poops in the potty he gets to keep the light saber until he poops in his pants.  Noah gets to keep his unless he doesn’t work on his words (he knows about half of them now).  This seems to work a little better for our 2 year old, who had a difficult time understanding why he couldn’t have his toy after every time he used the toilet.

With the new deal in effect, Sawyer wore underwear all day today and had only one accident (which was a pooping incident, sadly).  So hopefully we are on the road towards potty training. 

The most entertaining part of this whole saga is the way the boys have latched onto the characters.  Sawyer and Noah insist that we all refer to each other by our new names for about 90% of the day.  They won’t even let us call each other by our real names e.g. “He’s not Noah, he’s Chewbacca.”  The capstone came yesterday when Sawyer (A.K.A. Luke Skywalker) told Lauren that he was sad because “Dark Vader cut off my hand” while holding up his hand folded over at the wrist.  Sometimes I think his cuteness will be too much for his own good.  Anyway, here’s the cast:

Sawyer is Luke Skywalker

Noah is Chewbacca

Emmett is Yoda

Lauren is Princess Leia

I get to be Han Solo

The boys chose the character assignments, but rather than me boring you with my version of why we are who we are, I figured all of you who read this could help me out.  If you know us (in real life or otherwise), make a comment about who you think best matches their character.  You might also want to tell us who you are going to be next week, since it is such a fun game around our house.



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2 responses to “Potty Training Strikes Back

  1. good luck with the potty trainer!

    your boys are just too cute 🙂

  2. Beth

    Good luck with the potty training. We did a similar version of that with Logan. It worked.

    As far as the characters go, I think they are perfect! Each one of you definitely fits that character. I was talking to Lauren on the phone, listening to Sawyer talk about it, and it was hilarious!

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