…because I can’t seem to stay up past 9 anymore.

Hopefully I’ll be starting on Zoloft tomorrow. Oh, and last Friday’s OB visit went fine. They wouldn’t do a quick ultrasound (no time), but they did hear the baby’s heartbeat, and have put in a request for a level 2 ultrasound to be performed in Cambridge, just to rule out some of the things that went on with Sawyer. So we might be able to find out the sex of baby popcorn in a couple of weeks! Of course they might also see a bunch of stuff that will drive me crazy with worry but will all work out in the end (a la Sawyer again) :). Or they might tell us something that won’t work out in the end, but I think we’ve established that we do better with hard situations when we are prepared. We’re like the boy scouts that way.

We had a snow day today! Who knew that in England, where it is regularly below freezing in the winter and rains all the time, that they wouldn’t have snow removal equipment, or grit for the roads? This would have been good news for Noah, since he didn’t have to go to school. Unfortunately, he had to go to the doctor instead, along with the rest of the family.

Today’s developments:

  • Noah has walking pneumonia
  • Sawyer’s nose is so packed full of boogers that he can’t move any air through his nostrils
  • Emmett has some enlarged, firm, fixed lymph nodes behind his ear. Our doctor isn’t sure, but TB and ummm, lymph node biopsies are on his differential and to do lists. Fantastic.

Mike and I were only there as chauffeurs, but he has the stomach flu, and I’ve been feeling a little nausous myself all day.

But I think what qualifies as the best part of today is when I was driving the kids home this evening, in fog so thick I couldn’t see 5 feet in front of the car, and someone hit our side mirror and knocked it off. Ok, in the interest of full disclosure, it was probably at least half my fault, because I tend to hug the center of the road when its really foggy and there aren’t any shoulders on the road, but there are really big, deep ditches. But it is hard to tell what the center is when there aren’t any markings on the roads at all. Welcome to England baby…at least our part of England.

Note to spring: PLEASE HURRY!!!!

Ok, going to bed now.



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6 responses to “quickly

  1. Beth

    Sorry all the kids are sick.

    Hopefully you’ll find out the sex of the baby soon!

    I have one sick kid and it’s no fun! Griffin won’t eat. Won’t drink. Nothing. So when I called Steve to find out our insurance policy number, I find out that we don’t have insurance (steve switched companies) until March 1st. So I beg and get a discounted dr appt….I was convinced he had an ear infection. He was not eating, not swallowing anything, pulling his ears,etc. We go in. NO infection. No red throat. Grrr…

    But he’s dehydrated. And the dr. almost put him in the hospital. Exactly what we need. A hospital bill with no insurance. Well…we can get COBRA, for a ridiculously high cost. So now I’m using a syringe to force fluids into him. FUN.

  2. From one Zoloft user to another, the drug is FABULOUS!!! It will make you so easy going and happy but not drugged-out stupid:) Enjoy!!

  3. I feel like I’m always waiting for a “just kidding!! everything is FINALLY fine” every single time I read your blog. I know you must feel the same way. Is this a joke though? You guys are going to catch a break here someday soon. I just can’t believe all the stuff that’s been thrown at you in the past however many months (since E came home, basically). Zoloft will be a huge help in stabilizing things for you…I’m just impressed you don’t have track marks in the meantime waiting for it to be prescribed! Hang in there a little longer. Sunshine just HAS to be around the corner (well, not literally since you live in England and all, but figuratively AT LEAST!).

  4. Dad and Mom Haack

    WOW! I just hope that tomorrow is better than today! Praying for you all the time, and now I truly wish we were there!! God bless you and giv eyou strength!
    We love you!!

  5. Lisa

    Oh, I know what you mean about the Fen roads. I absolutely despise driving on them and the bad weather just makes them even more scary. I beg Eric to drive to work on the A14 with the bad weather but he won’t, he says it takes longer to get to work. I know I am crazy, but it is a huge fear of mine.

  6. glad everything went well and your appointment! but, i am so sorry everyone has been feeling so crappy lately!

    today, it was 65 degrees here…ahh!!! sorry to rub it in 🙂

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