Going home! (hopefully)

Well, we did an ultrasound last night and everything was looking good.  There are no signs of fever/infection, so the doctors are pretty sure we can go home today.  They haven’t taken his IV out yet because one of his nurses a few days ago came down with the chicken pox.  They are running a blood test on Emmett, which may throw a wrench in the whole going home thing.  Everyone else in the family is either immune/vaccinized, but E hasn’t gotten that one yet.

On another positive note, he drank about 80 mils total last night (~3 oz).  This is a big improvement on the 10 mils he has drank for me in the previous 2 days.  We’ve got a follow up appointment next week with our cardiologist where we’ll talk about the G tube, so we’ll see how it goes.

Thanks to everybody for reading.  Hopefully our life will settle down for a few days and Lauren can go back to putting posts about Vampire Weekend for you to listen to.  I plan on taking a shower and a nap (after the boys and I play the Wii, of course).



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3 responses to “Going home! (hopefully)

  1. Glad to hear things are going well. Hopefully he won’t have to fight chicken pox on top of everything else.

  2. What great news (finally). Can’t wait to hear all about E’s adventures once he gets home.

  3. Beth

    This is wonderful news!! Hopefully you’re already home.

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