Back to Cambridge?

Hey everyone.  I’m in the hospital cafeteria with Emmett, the first time he’s been out of the ward.  He seems very happy to be up and around.  The nurses pulled out his central line today and he gets his last round of IV antibiotics tonight.  He will still be getting some diuretics to make him pee until they xray his chest (again) tomorrow to make sure the fluid below his lungs isn’t getting worse. 

Right now, the only piece of medical equipment attached to him is his feeding tube and a couple stitches where his left chest tube was.  The stitches can come out tomorrow and the nurse said they were thinking about transfering us up to Cambridge if there is a bed available.  I think they want to give us a day or two in a hospital of no lung problems before they send us home.  If he keeps up the recovery we might be home sometime this week.

Today he acted much more like himself.  Unfortunately that also includes him vomitting about 6 times this morning.  He didn’t throw up after his bottle at lunch time 2 1/2 hours ago, so I’m not sure how he decides when to keep it down.  I think the feeding issues may be with us for awhile.  I have no idea if we’ll try to pull the NG tube in a week or two when he’s feeling a little better or if the doctors will want to go straight to the G tube.  Either way should at least cut down on the vomitting, which gets old in a hurry.

Since we are almost out of the hospital, I thought I’d pass on a different prayer request.  A good friend of ours has breast cancer and is not feeling so good.  She is in the middle of chemo and had to get admitted on Friday because she may have an infection.  Please pray that she gets a little relief from the pain and can make it through the rest of her chemo, surgery, radiation and into remission.

I’ll try to post if Emmett decides to do anything drastic.  He’s asleep now, so I guess this post was a little boring.  I’ll try to kick it up a notch next time.



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8 responses to “Back to Cambridge?

  1. Daryl and Alyda

    Thanks for the update and we will pray also for your friend. It’s so good to hear that E is making such good progress. Love you!

  2. Jeannie

    Not boring at all! I’m so glad to hear that he is out of his hospital bed. I’m sorry to hear about the feeding issues persisting. I was hoping somehow his heart surgery would help that, even though that may not make sense.

    Give him kisses for me and I wish you guys lots of luck. I hope your friend gets well soon. Love you!

  3. TX Cajun

    What amazing news about going home soon. Not boring at all. Glad to hear about good news.


  4. Boring is good! Praying for the feeding situation and that he continues to improve and you get him home soon!

  5. jessica

    Glad he’s doing better. Do you know about Love without Boundaries? It’s an organization serving Chinese orphans. Anyway, they are helping a child with “cyclical vomitting syndrome”. I know of another child from china who had the same thing. A gtube was eventually placed and she improved with the vomitting as she got older. Unfortunately at age 4 she continues to have food aversion and still needs the gtube to get enough food intake. I wonder if Emmett has the same vomitting issue.
    Good luck with everything.

  6. Britta

    Wow Lauren… do you think there’s a possible link to this “CVS” wouldn’t it be nice to just have an answer (even if there’s not really a treatment) just so you would have more of the puzzle pieces? Sooooo glad to hear you have him out of his room let alone his bed! HOORAY!

  7. Thanks for the updates. Seems like he is moving in the right direction if he might get to come home later this week. You all continue to be in our prayers.

  8. Beth

    Thanks for the update….I love boring updates!!
    Hopefully he’ll be back at home soon!

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