In theatre

Hey all, just wanted to let you know that they are actually doing the surgery right now.  He should get back to the ICU in another few hours. Thanks for checking in on us and for all your prayers.  We’ll try to post again tonight after Emmett gets settled.

P.S.  Obviously, the Tricare thing got worked out.  Thanks for your prayers on that little “emergency.”  I have never been that concerned with anything Tricare related, but whenever we talk to them they act like we should be giving our utmost attention to doing their paperwork.  Their huge issue was resolved by 2 phone calls and signing 2 pieces of paper.



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6 responses to “In theatre

  1. Jeannie

    I am so relieved the surgery finally happened. I know E will rock that recovery 🙂

    Thinking of you guys, as always. You are amazing. I wish summer would get here already so I could see you!!!

  2. Jennifer

    We’re praying for Emmett and for you guys too. I know this has to be so hard.

  3. Praying for you guys and that his recovery is smooth.


    please keep us update when you get a chance!

  5. Beth

    This is what we’ve all been hoping and praying for…and it’s finally happening! I’m sending lots of prayer your way.

    Send an update when you can.

  6. Praying and stalking your blog for updates. Though I totally understand you have more important things to tend to than the blog right now; but I’ll be stalking anyway.

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