in the cicu

Emmett made it through the surgery – praise the Lord. The surgeon told us they were able to repair most of his ventricular septal defect, leaving 2 small holes that they hope will close over time, and they were able to correct a lot of the stenosis in the pulmonary valve.

So now he is in the cardiac ICU, and doing…okay. This boy does not like to stay sedated and so he was thrashing around for a few hours after surgery, fighting the ventilator. All the movement was causing a concerning amount of bleeding from the drains in his chest, so they finally decided to fully sedate him. They are also concerned that he has developed some pulmonary edema, or fluid in his lungs.

So we’ll wait and see what happens. Please keep on praying for him, and thank you so much for all the prayers and thoughts for him so far.



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12 responses to “in the cicu

  1. He has been in my thoughts and prayers all day. So happy he made it through the surgery!

  2. What great news that the surgery went well. I will continue to pray for y’all.

  3. Beth

    So glad that the surgery is done. I’ll continue to pray.

    Thanks for the update!

  4. Suzie

    So glad to read that things are going alright so far. Praying for all of you,

  5. I’m so glad he came through the surgery ok! I hope he is able to calm down enough to recover well. Thinking of you and your family.

  6. Glad the surgery went well and we will continue to think of and pray for him.

  7. Thank you for keeping us posted! I have been hoping for an update and am so relieved the surgery part is done. Now praying he gets through the next few days without too many bumps along the way. Almost out of the woods, as they say…

  8. Lisa Ludvigsen

    Glad to hear your little guy made it though surgery. I’ll keep you guys in my thoughts and prayers. I came through Laurie’s website, Pho For Five.

  9. Christina

    Praise God for a successful surgery!! Thanks so much for the updates. Praying for Emmett’s recovery.

  10. metaphase

    Prayers going out to y’all from one military mom to another.

  11. praying for the little guy here in indiana. 🙂 jan

  12. Charity

    So glad to hear the good news. You will all continue to be in our prayers. Let us know if we can help you in any way!

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