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***Edited to add: Delayed 24 hours due to hospital scheduling issues.

***Edited to add: Reading this, I’m not sure its super clear that the surgery is scheduled for tomorrow morning. So we’re asking for prayer not only that they’ll actually do the surgery, but that it will go well, and that our hospital stay will be short, because London isn’t exactly next door to us. Just like with his intestinal surgery, we urge you to link to us, put us on your prayer chains.

Well, E looks healthy enough to have a go at this surgery.  We are going down to London tonight and need to be at Great Ormond Street Hospital at 7:30 in the morning.  We should find out then if they are going to do it.  I’m hoping that if we get bumped for scheduling reasons that the delay won’t be too long.

I’ve heard lots of encouraging stuff from people with experience with heart surgery and they all say that it makes a dramatic impact on the baby.  We are really hoping that when he comes through this he will eat, grow, and develop on a normal timeline.  It doesn’t seem like too much to ask when you look at it, but from our perspective it would be a whole different life than what we’ve been going through.

Thanks to everybody for your prayers as well as your notes of encouragement.  We’ll try to post something as soon as we know anything tomorrow.





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9 responses to “Back to E

  1. Jeannie

    Love the picture! What an amazing family. We are of course thinking of you guys and sending you and E as much strength and love as we can. Go, E, go! Love you guys.

  2. what a SWEET picture…just look at the way that E and O are looking at eachother!! oh, and what a precious little smile from Y. that picture is just priceless!!

    i will be praying for the whole family and especially for emmett. i pray that this surgery will make a DRAMATIC difference!!

  3. What a great picture. I hope E is cleared for surgery and it all goes well. Y’all are on my prayer list.

  4. Cutest picture ever!!! We’ll be thinking about you. HUGS

  5. Jennifer

    As always, we continue to pray for your entire family. No matter what the future holds for baby Emmett, he is certainly one very blessed boy to be a part of your family.

  6. Beth

    Love the picture. Thanks for posting it. So sweet…
    We will be praying that the surgery happens and that all goes well.

    I hope that there are dramatic results from this surgery.

    Love you!

  7. He IS seriously cute! As are his big brothers! Will totally keep you in prayer, and will get others I know to as well!

  8. Jean

    What a beautiful picture of your boys! And congratulations on the new baby! Children are always a blessing.

    We’ll pray today that E’s surgery will go well and that it will cause a dramatic improvement in his health.


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