new news

ah, so much has been happening lately that its hard to keep up – I think I’ll just hit the highlights here in bullet form (don’t expect the funny):

  • we’ve been super busy with adult Christmas parties, kids Christmas parties, etc
  • by the way, I love, love the look on Y’s face (in Mike’s post) – its almost as if he suspects that the bearded man may not, in fact, be the REAL Santa
  • we’ve also been super busy being Emmett’s parents
  • I think I might have mentioned that he’s been not happy for weeks now – that’s only gotten worse lately
  • oh yeah, the feeding has gone downhill too
  • which lead to weight loss (his, not mine, unfortunately)
  • which lead to his NG tube being put back in yesterday morning
  • which lead to about 7 straight HOURS of crying yesterday
  • and don’t forget about the vomiting
  • but the kicker was the 104 fever he spiked last night, just like the night before
  • which lead to me taking him to the ER, partially so that Mike could get a little sleep, since I couldn’t sleep with the crying, even knowing that Mike is taking care of him
  • the ER trip involved bloodwork, which showed a probable bacterial infection
  • which lead to a urinary catheter, and urinalysis and culture
  • which lead to the conclusion that Emmett has at least a UTI, and probably a kidney infection
  • which means that surgery on Monday is pretty  much out of the question
  • he also got 2 antibiotic injections
  • so tomorrow we go in to either get more injections or to have him admitted to our base hospital for IV antibiotics and fluids, depending on how his fever is today and tonight, and what grows from the culture
  • the last time I checked, his temp was 103 – an hour after tylenol
  • I’d love to give him motrin, but that can mess up kidneys that are already messed up

This kid cannot catch a break. WE cannot catch a break. Heck, we’re having a hard time catching our breath here. Did I mention that O woke up with a fever last night too? And he’s still feeling like frap. And I know that its only a matter of time before Y, me, Mike and Emmett will catch that too. And OMGosh, I almost forgot – our heater broke today! But thankfully, THANKFULLY, its been really mild here today and won’t freeze tonight, or else I would just really start crying and not ever stop.

We’ll have a little discussion about the antidepressants when things calm down a little

Oh mom, can you make the plane get here any faster?

But let me end on a positive note here. Y’all know we have this piece of frap minivan with a bad engine, right? You know, the car with only 80,000 miles on it? Well, in England, in order to drive around (and especially in order to get on the base) you have to have a tax disc displayed on your car that says you’ve paid your money and also that your car has passed inspection. This inspection involves emission testing. Now this car emits think blue-white smoke every time we start it – from all the oil it burns – I feel absolutely terrible for our poor mother earth every time I turn it on. BUT. We’ve only had this car for a year. Money doesn’t grow on trees in our backyard. So we decided to try to take it for inspection, just in case, before we went out and bought another car. And guess what – IT FREAKING PASSED!!!!! So the great news is that we don’t have to buy a new car tomorrow. Although that is really not the best news for our poor earth. Earth, I promise you when we get back to America, we will buy a car that will be nicer to you.



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3 responses to “new news

  1. Beth

    Good to hear from you Ren. Glad that you don’t have to get a new car….one good thing, right? Ha!

    Sorry to hear about the infection. Keep us updated on what is going on, if you can. I”ll be praying for a speedy recovery.

    Hope the crying stops and he gets the nutrients he needs.

  2. Christina

    Poor E – but on the positive, at least you know what is causing the fever. (more positive would have been for the fever to go away, but trying for a silver lining here!)
    Also good that you are not quite so desperate for a new car. Kinda sad what that says about the emissions testing, but then I’ve seen the same kind of thing over here in the US too.
    So glad your mom is coming! May you have a merry Christmas, even in the midst of all the stress and struggle.

  3. Poor little E. Maybe once the infection is cleared up he’ll feel well enough to eat again? My heart just breaks for him and for you and all you guys are going through.
    Glad to hear your car passed inspection! That is just one more hurdle you did not need to jump right now. And you know what? You have so much other stuff right now, don’t feel guilty about whether or not it’s healthy enough for the earth. You’ll take care of it when you can, and in the meantime it is what it is. The earth won’t die because of your one car. It’s O.K.!

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