the wall signs

As promised, here are the pictures of the wall signs I ordered from Hope Studios. I also got block letters for O, but I can’t show you those because, umm..they spell his name. Just to plug one more time, Jennifer was great to work with, I am very impressed with the final product, and wouldn’t hesitate to order from her again.

for Emmett

also for Emmett

for Mike and me

Obv, the photos aren’t ours in these pictures – Jennifer emailed me these pics to make sure I liked the final product before she shipped them. You insert your own photo after you get them.



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5 responses to “the wall signs

  1. Jeannie

    I LOVE those! I think I may use those as a gift sometime soon. I love what you wrote for Emmett, and of course the Shel Silverstein is awesome. I like the one for you guys, too — where is that from?

  2. Those are beautiful!!!

  3. Beth

    Absolutely beautiful

  4. wow…i love these. and i love the saying that you ended up putting on emmett’s!

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