Here’s the week’s run down:

Monday – y’all already heard about Monday with the geneticist

Tuesday – no doctor’s appointments this day, but Y sick all day. Watched Juno and 27 Dresses for the first time. Loved Juno, liked 27 Dresses okay

Wednesday – met with the head of our base’s Early Intervention Services. He is a developmental/behavioral pediatrician. So along with our social worker, Emmett’s Physical Therapist, and his speech pathologist/feeding specialist, this doc evaluated him for about 2 hours. The verdict: come back in 2 months for another evaluation. But he was super-nice, and I guess it might be a little unfair of me to expect him to have access to a cystal ball, right?

Thursday – no appointments on this day either. Kids all feeling better

Friday – regular pediatric appointment for weigh-in. His weight seems to have maybe stabilized, although its hard to tell when he’s been weighed on 3 different scales in the last 2 weeks. The doctor wants us to get Emmett his 4 month old vaccinations, and I agree that this seems like a good time. Y is there with us, and he wants (???) to get a flu shot, too. So I ask, just to make sure, that the flu vaccine they have is thiomersol-free. The tech tells me she thinks so, but is not sure. I ask if she could check. 10 minutes later she comes back and lets me know that the flu-vax they carry is NOT thiomersol-free. Hence the fight begins. Our military orders these non-thiomersol free vaccines because they are cheaper than the thiomersol-free single dose versions. Which is all fine in the States, because it is easy to find thiomersol-free flu vaccine privately. Here in the UK, I don’t even know how to go about getting my child a vaccine on the British system. So I basically told the technician that it was just wrong that they are using vaccines that are not as safe as the preservative free version, and she told me they were perfectly safe, and I told her that she didn’t know what she was talking about – after all, she didn’t even know what thiomersol was. I was rude. And I feel really bad about it. Ugh, I just have such a hard time with people just blindly telling me that something is safe when really, they have no idea one way or the other. And she was treating me like I was a moron because Emmett is 4 months behind on his vaccines. Of course, she doesn’t know anything about our situation either. All in all, she didn’t know much.

Rarrr…here’s what pisses me off – I am very pro-vaccination. I don’t feel comfortable depending on other children being vaccinated to protect my children from very dangerous diseases. Plus we live in an area (especially when we travel down to London) where there are a lot of immigrants and visitors from countries that don’t have solid vaccination programs. So I vaccinate my kids, and am thankful that we have those life-saving vaccines. However, I do believe in being educated about vaccines, and vaccinating wisely. For instance, Y ran a really high temp after his vaccines (about 105) before he was a year old. This scared the crap out of me, but I’ve learned that, for him, if you split the vaccines up, not doing more than 2 injections at a time, he doesn’t have that reaction. (We do this with animals all the time – 3 shots for a cat at one time can be super-hard on their systems, so if the owners can come back another time in about 3 weeks, I prefer to split up the vaccines.) Anyway…the point being that I am not anti-vaccination. And if there is a child that needs to be vaccinated against the flu, it would be Emmett. But I do believe that if there is a thiomersal-free version of a vaccine, and it is just as effective as the other, why not give the vaccine without the preservatives? Even if it turns out that thiomersal doesn’t cause any problems at all, isn’t it better to NOT use preservatives? Just like it is better to eat food without preservatives. And I definitely believe that if you are the one giving the shots, you should be educated about what you’re doing. Okay, off my soapbox.

Friday night – Mike returns! And took the kids to see Madagascar 2 at our base theater. Where the popcorn machine was broken. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a movie in the theater without popcorn. Nor would I care to ever again.

Saturday – my birthday! I am 32 years old. How can I have been alive so long already? The day went okay – although Emmett was running an above-103 fever for most of the day. Saturday night, Mike and I and our friends Pete and Sarah went out to dinner while some other friends watched the boys. That was awesome – good food, good company, child-free conversation – it can’t be beat sometimes.

Sunday – today we woke up to snow! Although it isn’t sticking now, it was still nice to see – so peaceful and quiet. Emmett’s feeling more like himself.

So that’s our week in review.

Ooh, tomorrow our housekeeper comes for the first time – I am so exited I could spit…but of course, I won’t, that would just create more work for the poor woman. And Mike has Monday off work – yippee!!!



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5 responses to “catch-up

  1. Jeannie

    Oh yay! I’m so glad Mike made it home in time for your birthday! I was afraid you’d be there alone with the boys. I’m so glad you got to go out, too! You deserve that and so much more.

    And I (obviously) don’t have kids, but I totally agree with you regarding the vaccines. I’m not sure why they don’t just listen to your requests when they are reasonable and well-researched. Poo on them.

    Love and miss you guys!!

  2. Britta

    Woah! I dodn’t know that the military ones still had that preservative! I need to get Devynn her 4 yr shots and now will be asking about it. soooo glad that Jensen is seen by civilians (compliments of the military of course) as a result of the substandard care he was being given.
    Will totally check it out!

  3. lauren

    Hey Britta, I don’t think all bases do it that way – Hurlburt definitely had thiomersal-free flu vaccines…I think its up to the people doing the ordering. But I’d still ask.

  4. You go girl! I understand feeling bad about being rude, but I also understand your concern about preservatives and the need to speak up for your kids. And, yes, the person giving the vaccines should know as much about them as anyone, and not just say they are safe when she doesn’t even know what is in them.

  5. Beth

    Good job arguing the vaccination situation. Being responsible and informed is so important.
    Overall, looks like you had a decent week.
    Happy Birthday, girl! Love ya!!

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