super quick

I have to go pick up O from school in 5 minutes, but I wanted to let y’all know (in case anyone needs a good gift)…I got my order back from Jen at Hope Studios today, and HER WORK IS SOOOO GOOD. I’ll try to upload photos later, but check her out at Etsy. I am really so happy with my purchases.

So I’ll write later to catch y’all up on what’s been happening this week – including 2 more doctor’s visits, a verbal fistfight with one of the technicians at the pediatric clinic today, and more! I bet y’all cant wait.



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3 responses to “super quick

  1. Britta

    I dropped out of the loop for a week. I needed to be reminded that there are others with way more tying times than me. Jensen had surgery on Monday (removal of tonsils and adenoids) to help stop the gagging and vomiting he has been doing for at least 4 months now every time he ate somehting larger than the size of a pea that wasn’t a macaroni noodle. The tonsils were so big the surgeon saved them for us and handed them to us in a jar afer surgery (bleh)! He totally crashed and had to be put on IV and Morphine but is now home from the hospital and not doing well either. Everytime he takes a sip of something he screams- I have tried EVERYTHING (water, gatorade, juice, pediasure, popsicles, milk, flat soda, and the list continues). I am panicked he will end up back in the hospital. I stopped the codine at 11pm to see if it was the reason he just couldn’t stomach anything and he drank about 10 oz this morning then an hour later vomited ALL OVER MY RUG of course right before I had to take Devynn to school. So I am feeling a little low myself and somewhat hopeless – as I just have this terrible feeling I am headed yet agin for another hospitalization (which would make three in less than a yrs time- pneumonia, dehydration, 2 surgerys- ear tubes and tonsils) Not that it makes you feel better and I so don’t wish what you are going through on anyone but I can empathize the desperate feeling/need for fluids and the screaming/crying and the refusals. The hopelessness and frustration and yes anger- I get angry with him as I just feel like he should just do it doesn’t he know that he is going tobe bad off other wise????? UUUGH I feel so bad for you. I am thinking about you.
    😦 Britta

  2. Beth

    Can’t wait to hear the stories…. 🙂

  3. Wow, sounds juicy. I’ll be waiting patiently for the details!

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