Weekend Update – Something Positive For Once!

Emmett actually did pretty good this weekend. On Saturday he drank 10 1/2 ounces – yesterday he drank 11 1/2. Thats only about half of his estimated daily needs, but hey, progress! And, he even takes it awake sometimes, without crying…this is a huge improvement. Oh, we still get a lot of crying, but I’ll take what I can get here.

And its a good thing he was doing better this weekend, because the big boys are both sick. O ran a fever all weekend, they are both super-crabby with runny noses, and Y has a bad cough. Poop. Although these are problems that I at least have a clue how to deal with. If only Emmett would feel better after some motrin, pedialyte, popsicles, cuddles, and watching movies in my bed.

We go to the geneticist today, so I’ll try to update tonight. I just wanted to let y’all know that something GOOD happened!

Thank you SO MUCH for all your kind comments. They are a big part of what’s keeping us going here – the support of our families and friends. Goodness knows we wouldn’t be making it by ourselves.



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7 responses to “Weekend Update – Something Positive For Once!

  1. YIPPEE!! that is so excited!! hang in there and hopefully he will improve a little more each day!

  2. I am sop happy to hear some good news about Emmett. I hope it continues!!! I also hope the other boys are feeling better today, as well. Mom needs a break somewhere!!

  3. Yay! So glad there is some good news for Emmett. Sorry the other kiddos are sick. Hopefully it passes soon.

  4. Go Emmett. Sorry the other boys are feeling crummy.

  5. HOORAY EMMETT!! I hope the bigger little boys start feeling better soon. I hope you get some answers and useful info from the geneticist. I’m really praying that all your boys will be feeling well soon, at the same time, and things start looking up all around for you guys.

  6. Beth

    WOO HOO!!! That’s wonderful news…about Emmett. Not about the other boys. I hope they feel better soon.

    Praying for more good news from the geneticist.

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