Another Rotten Day

Ugh, this blog is becoming really depressing. Sorry, but that pretty much reflects my life right now.

I thought that maybe staying home for the day would help Emmett eat more – no sleeping in the car when I can’t feed him, no running around, etc.

Not so much.

The kid has taken 4 1/2 ounces so far today – we’ll be lucky to hit 6 by the end of the night.



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8 responses to “Another Rotten Day

  1. Beth

    So sorry to hear he’s not doing well….maybe tomorrow will be a better day.

  2. jan ranger (JTM phoebe)

    but think if God had not picked you, that little guy would probably not still be alive. i can’t pretend to know at all how you feel, but please know that many people, who you will probably never met, care about you, and emmett, and O and Y. i’m glad your blog is real. love you from indiana, jan

  3. So sorry. How long did the doctor think that it was safe for this to go on? I really hope he starts eating more.

  4. Dang! EAT Emmett, EAT!! I’m sorry Lauren, this has to be so stressful. I mean, *I’M* stressed about it and I’m not even there with him. Oh, and please never again apologize for being a downer. You guys are some of the most upbeat human beings I’ve ever met, and given your current circumstances, you’re just being real. I appreciate you updating us on Little Emmett. We’re all pulling for him.

  5. Oh Lauren, I’m so sorry. I read your blog first every day in hopes that we’ll get good news…I can’t imagine what you must be feeling. Frustration, sadness, anger…I hope there’s hope in there too, but wouldn’t blame you if there isn’t. Like Laurie said, never apologize to us for being sad.

  6. Thinking of and praying for Emmett and you.

  7. ugh…i am so sorry! i wish that stinker would just eat already 🙂

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