So Emmett has been taking between 6 and 8 ounces daily since Friday. Still not up to the 10 minimum that he needs to be at, but this amount seems to be enough to keep him peeing a minimal amount and still crying tears.

And oh, there have been a lot of tears. This is not a happy boy – he’s got to be feeling like dog-doo, after all. But its wearing me down…especially the 4am feedings. I’d be okay being up several times a night if he was drinking good then, but all of that effort – waking up, getting out of a warm bed, warming up the bottle, trying to get to sleep afterwards – for him to drink 1 ounce is most definitely NOT FUN.

So that’s where I’m at.



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6 responses to “Tired

  1. Beth

    Yuck. Hang in there. Is there another formula you could try? I know he has no allergies, but maybe the formula tastes funny? I’m totally grasping at sraws here.

    How’s the spitting up?

  2. Jennifer

    Oh Lauren. That really, really stinks. The next cardiologist appointment isn’t until *next* Friday, right? As in the 21st? I am so sorry that he’s so grumpy. I do pray that you guys will find some answers very soon. Hang in there.

  3. I’m glad he is at least eating some so that he is not dehydrated. But I’m really sorry it’s not more and that you aren’t getting the rest you need. I hope it improves soon.

  4. Gosh, your poor bodies must be exhausted…and Emmett’s must have horrible hunger pains. Still, when I saw that you’d updated, I was worried he wouldn’t even be eating *that* much and you were going to say he’d been admitted. I’ve been praying that won’t be the case. Maybe he’ll up his intake over the next few days, but as long as he is getting enough to have body fluids, he’s hanging in there.

  5. Ok this might be a really bad idea–but what about *not* waking him up at 4? Maybe he would take more at the next feeding if you skipped that one? I haven’t ever dealt with this particular issue, but just a thought.

    Also–kudos to Mike–I thought he did a fantastic job with his comment on Laurie’s blog. So well said.

  6. I’m glad that he’s not getting dehydrated, that is good! I’m sorry this is wearing on you so much. I hope you get a breakthrough soon.

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