Since midnight, Emmett has taken about 5 ounces of formula…its about 8pm here now, so I figure he’ll take about 1-2 ounces before midnight tonight. Not enough…but much better than the first 12 hours went, yes?

He has been incredibly fussy today, which is no surprise, I guess, considering how much less nutrition he’s getting. And of course he won’t eat when he’s upset, so what we do is rock him until he falls asleep, then try to get him to drink.

He’s still urinating a bit, and still crying tears…so no trip to the ER for dehydration yet.

Maybe he’ll do better tomorrow?

Oh, but not nearly as much vomiting, seeing as how he has next to nothing in his stomach. But the heaving has been better too, which makes me think that the NG tube was irritating him. Its also pretty nice not to have to deal with all the equipment and fuss that goes along with every feeding with the tube.



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7 responses to “update

  1. Jennifer

    Well, 5 ounces is better than nothing of course, but still… ARGH! I feel frustrated for you from thousands of miles away. Realistically, how many ounces does he need to stay reasonably hydrated? Is 10 really enough for that?

    I guess less puking is good. Silver lining and all that…

    Hang in there!

  2. Beth

    A little is better than nothing. Maybe he’ll start to realize that eating won’t hurt him as much now that he’s had the tummy surgery??? Maybe?

    Cheers to less vomiting. That’s good news!

  3. well, but two days into the experiment, he’s eating more than half of what the doc will be satisfied with … that’s not so bad! I’m sure you’re amazing care will get him up to the right level very soon.

    That said, I feel so sorry for the struggles you’re all going through. My thoughts go out to you.

  4. hang in there, lauren. i hope things went better overnight…maybe this method really will help! i sure hope so!! stay strong!!

  5. Yay for 5 ounces! It isn’t much, but it is progress, so that’s good. Hopefully the progress will continue.

  6. Hi Lauren-
    I am friends with Shannon Deison and she gave me your blog. My son, John Lawson, who is 4 1/2 now had similar vomiting and eating issues. He does now have a permanent feeding tube (button). The one thing I would have done differently in all of his care over 4 years would have been to pull the NG tube before putting in a button and seeing if he would have eaten on his own. So I think this is a good decision. His vomiting problems started after we put the permanent tube in. He threw up every feeding for about 4 months – we would weigh him every week to see if he had even gained an ounce. This was by far the most stressful part of his medical issues for me! They never did figure anything out, but little by little his system got stronger and now he hardly throws up at all. I will pray for your family – rest and strength and perserverance through what I know are stressful times. I have included John Lawson’s website (he had a stroke in utero) and my e-mail if you want to contact me!
    Gini Florer

  7. I am glad to hear that he at least got 5 ounces down. Hopefully tomorrow his appetite will be even stronger. Thinking of you guys!

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