inverted commas

So we went to the cardiologist yesterday. Before I tell you about that, let me tell you this. The cardiologist is great, and very British. I’m not sure if this is a British thing or not, but you know when you want to emphasize something, you hold up your hands and put quote marks around it: for example, “lauren and mike, you just look ‘wretched’, you know that, right?”. Well, instead of making the quote signs with his hands, he just says inverted commas: for example, “lauren and mike, you look inverted commas wretched, you know that right?” It took Mike and I a little while to figure out what he was saying, much less what it meant, but eventually, we caught on. Apart from the multiple comments on how rough we looked, here’s what happened:

  • the cardiac surgeon (different guy than the cardiologist) from London did another echocardiogram, had all of his entourage listen to Emmett, and declared that they would set up a surgery time for before Christmas. We have asked that surgery be close to Christmas so that my mom could possibly come for a longer period of time, and he said that should be doable. Berd, are you reading this?
  • the cardiologist and dietitian were very concerned with all the vomiting, and declared the whole NG feeding thing to be a inverted commas total disaster.
  • so we were left with 2 choices: pull the tube and see if he will start eating again on his own – this is called the inverted commas starve him into submission method, or go ahead and schedule him for a gastrostomy tube and fundal plication – where they would kind of tighten the valve between his esophagus and stomach to make it harder for him to vomit.
  • To try to avoid more anesthesia, we’ve decided to go for the first method. These are the phrases that the cardiologist used to describe how this experience would go (you can assume inverted commas around each phrase): Mike and I would need nerves of steel. We would need to hold our nerve. This process would be grim. Did I have any childcare or friends to help out with the boys so that I could run out into the street screaming when the frustration got on top of me? He was glad we were so laid back (I almost started laughing maniacally at this point, because, laid back – me? Laid back would be the bizarro-world Lauren), because this was going to be so intense. Ah, I can’t remember what else he said, but despite all of this, this method is what he recommends.
  • Did I mention that Mike is leaving town on Monday for 12 days?
  • Mike and I both have serious doubts about whether this will work: the doctor said he would be happy if he would take 300 ml per day…again with the bwahahaha, because that’s 10 ounces, people, and the last time he took more than 3 ounces by mouth was when Jennifer was here, before all of the hospitalizations. We think he’s totally underestimating the power of Emmett’s feeding aversion. But, more anesthesia is really scary to think about, and we’re willing to give this a go, fully expecting that he will be clinically dehydrated before the weekend is over.
  • So please pray that this will work, because I am not up for more surgery and hospitalization at the moment. And we really want to be in our house for Thankgiving, since we’ve invited the whole squadron over to celebrate (not as insane as it sounds, I promise, as our friends Pete and Sarah and Robbie and Margaret will be co-hosting, and it’ll be potluck).

So right now I’m busy inverted commas holding my nerve. I pulled his tube after his 8am feeding. Its now 2:30 and he hasn’t taken anything yet…

Oh, and Mike forgot to add in his last post how much he was opposed to the mohawk. But despite what my mom says, I think he looks pretty darn cute, and he believes it is a inverted commas dinosaur haircut 🙂



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6 responses to “inverted commas

  1. Oh, guys. I’m so sorry, for everyone. I hope he gives in and takes in liquid really soon. What a very strong-willed kid!

  2. Sending prayers your way.


  3. Wow. I will be sending more prayers your way (no inverted commas).

  4. I am praying so hard for you right now.

  5. Beth

    Good luck with the feedings. I hope by now he’s started eating. Sending prayers for a hungry baby!!!

  6. wow lauren, you are a stronger person than i. i can’t even imagine all that you have been through over the last couple of weeks…and you are still standing. it is hard to read all your post and see all that you are going through. i am praying BIG that this new technique works and that emmett finally gives in. he sure is a strong-willed little guy!

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