Our little Mohawk

S Mohawk

S Mohawk

Potty Training

Potty Training


I added the 2nd one because he is so happy, what with the mohawk, naked from the waist down, and his boots on.  This is how he came out to see what I was doing in the garage earlier today.  On the plus side, he peed in the potty (weed in the toilet for the Brits) 4 times today, but he also wet his pants, pooped in his diaper (twice), and peed on the floor.  Also, his older brother is not thrilled about sharing underwear, so we may have to go to the store soon to avoid a meltdown.  I’m pretty sure we’ll have this potty training thing licked in another day or two ; )




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4 responses to “Our little Mohawk

  1. berd

    potty training-greatttttttttttt.
    Mohawk haircut-not so crazy about
    love you guys

  2. Thanks – just peed (weed) in my own pants after seeing the picture and reading your post!

  3. Beth

    Way to go, Y!!!

    LOVE the hair…..love it!!!

    Good luck with potty training…not looking forward to that again. Ugh.

  4. I love the mohawk. My kid has one and I didn’t even CUT it that way! 🙂 Can’t help how it grows. I like the mohawk better than buzz cuts. I am just not into the military look on little boys. (MPO) 🙂

    Good luck with the tube out today!

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