post election

I haven’t written anything about politics in this blog, mostly because we’re busy with other stuff 🙂 .  I will say that both Mike and I voted for McCain. I’m pretty sure Mike would never vote for a pro-choice candidate, and me, well, I’m conflicted..

I am also pro-life: we have a difficult time not-getting, but staying pregnant, and its so hard for me to accept that other people could just throw a life away when I know so many people who desparately want a child. I do believe that it isn’t something that should be totally up to each individual woman, because I believe that life begins at conception, and the baby doesn’t have a voice. However, I can think of exceptions – cases of insest, of rape, where my feelings get a lot murkier.

Aah, jeez, I don’t even want to really get into this stuff. One main reason I voted for McCain is because I think we need a moderate in the White House – someone not too liberal, not too conservative, and I think he came closest to that mark. Sometimes I think that the American people can get caught up in despising the current president so much (no matter who that might be) that they swing far in the other direction. Me, I think in the middle is mostly the best place to be, politics-wise. The other big reason is that McCain is pro-strong military, and since we need Mike to be able to stay in the military until half-past forever for Emmett’s health coverage, a strong military means it would be more likely he could keep his job.

What I did want to say is that several people at O’s school came up to me today and asked what I thought about Obama becoming president. I replied that I thought any outcome would have been good, as long as Bush is outta there (the man IS a doofus, IMO). But these British citizens seemed very excited about Obama. And it would make me happy if Obama can somehow, without sacrificing our nation’s integrity, repair some of our relationships with our closest allies. It would be really great if our kids could go trick-or-treating in their own American base-housing neighborhood without hearing “why don’t you just go back to America – where you belong?”

Anyway, speaking of going home, we narrowly dodged a bullet today. For very complicated reasons, Tricare’s (military insurance company) medical board decided to review Emmett’s case today to determine whether they should send us back to America immediately, with or without Mike, or whether we could stay.

Shortly before 5pm we got the call – we get to stay! Which – yay! Because moving across the ocean right now is out of the question. They also told us, however, that they would not approve an extension of our stay here. Which limits our options, but actually solves some problems for us.

So, HOPEFULLY, sometime next summer, I’ll be house-hunting near Beth!

Oh, but one last thing – did y’all hear that Michael Crichton died today? He has long been one of my favorite authors – one of the few that I can say that I’ve read everything he’s ever written. Books like Jurrasic Park, Congo, Prey, Airframe, State of Fear, Timeline, etc (although I must say that Congo was one of the WORST movies I’ve ever seen. Ever.). AND he was one of the creators of ER – a TV show I watched religiously up until we moved here, where new ER episodes can be hard to find. Too sad – his death, I mean, not the not being able to find new ER episodes…although that is pretty sad too, but nothing compared to the loss felt by his family, friends, and the reading world.



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4 responses to “post election

  1. Beth

    Yippeee! I’m glad you might be moving near me!! That’s wonderful.
    I think that Obama is going to be more moderate than many people might think. He’s not as liberal as the Republicans make him out to be. I was shocked to find out that he’s against gay marriage. Shocked.
    Anyway, I think that him being elected is a wonderful thing for the U.S. Do I think he can fix everything quickly? No. No one could do that. But people are so pumped about him winning…people came to vote in huge numbers. That alone is great!

    By the way…full episodes of ER are now on!!!

  2. I was SO refreshing to read of your political options. I agree with the fact that I see McCain as a man in the middle. Not too far in either direction.

  3. I’m happy that your neighbors are feeling more kindly towards America now, just one day in…I feel so sad and embarassed that we’ve managed to squander our international reputation so thoroughly in the past eight years.

    And I too love Michael Crighton. I remember reading Congo as a barely-teen and thinking it was one of the most amazing stories ever, and I’ve been an ER fan from day one — don’t think I’ve ever missed an episode!

  4. Britta

    I was a McCain supporter for the military factor. I am worried he will retreat and put the special forces guys in more harms way as a result- for many different reasons. I don’t want my husband gone more and in more dangerous situations because of his view on the military.
    I did agree with some of Obama’s ideas: hopefully doing away with or providing the needed funding for the mandates of the STUPID No Child Left Behind ACT which needs so much revisions or to be trashed!
    The late term abortion thing really needs information out there. The high majority if not all of them are not people who are tired of being pregnant. These are people in terrible dillemas with the health issues presented in the ultra sounds. Not Down Syndrome, but serious spinal, hydrocephalus on the brain, sunken brain stem, serious health issues. I am generally a pro lifer but for these particular group of unfortunate women I support their right to make that very terrible difficult decision- which is aweful and will need to pray to deal with and overcome but never the less… the option needs to be there for those women. I am gald for Obama for that issue The problem lies in the fact that if we outlaw one then all are encompased. People died back when they were desperate and it was not a legal option. Mothers can die from certain pregnancies etc… there are so many other cases out there that no one visits when discussing this issue. Ok really enough on that I just really want to say that this issue is so not as black and white as people want it to be.
    I think people with high hopes of him will probably be dissapointed- I just don’t see how one man can follow through on all of the promises made.He can do good things but not save the world and fix all our problems. And…those of us with very low expectations wil probably end up warming up to him and liking him.
    I am sure I just opened up a can of worms… I am so sorry if I offended anyone it was totally not my intention.
    Love ER but fell out of the loop on that one- did not know he died… SAD!
    Glad to hear you might be makin git back this direction – definately you will not be allowed here in CLOVIS (lucky you!- ok so not so lucky – under the circumstances- you but you know what I mean)
    Can’t wait to get you back stateside!
    I miss you. hang in there – somewhere somehow there will be a glimmer of light and hope.

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