Happy Halloween!

Here is one of our Halloween pictures:

Monkey and Ninja

Monkey and Ninja

 …and another

3 Boys

3 Boys


Edited to add by Lauren: Who is that haggard looking woman in the first picture? Oh yeah, its me 🙂 . The first pic makes me giggle because Sawyer is giving us his best thug look (going nicely with the half-tattoo on his cheek), while Emmett looks like he’s throwing a gang sign. The first picture was taken last weekend, before our base’s fall festival. I’m a much bigger fan of the second one, where 2 of 3 kids are smiling. Although by the time of this picture, O had lost his Ninja hat, and somehow decided to wear his wellies to complete the look. Note also the super short haircut on O in the second pic. Y now has a mohawk – I’ll have to get a picture of that.



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5 responses to “Happy Halloween!

  1. so cute!! i love the little penguin costume for emmett!

  2. In the first picture, it looks like your ninja has been beating up your monkey! :0 I think you should post pictures more often! I still had the last image of E in the hospital bed looking scary and there he is looking more like a little butterball than a penguin! You would never think he has eating troubles from the picture. Those chubby cheeks will throw you. 🙂 He looks soooo much more healthy now. I know looks aren’t everything and it’s a long road, but I know you can do it. We have faith in you. And remember, you can only do so much. You are only one person. Give the big kids the attention they need. E will not be deprived because of it, but will grow up knowing that in your family, everyone gets love and attention. You will get better at the time management of it all in time.


  3. Beth

    Love the pictures!!! You HAVE to post more pictures! Emmett looks so cute in the penguin outfit. Please, please, please post more pics. 🙂
    O’s hair cut is definitely short. We finally convinced Logan to buzz his hair. It’s not that short, but it’s so easy to do…and we only had to bribe him a little. Ha!

    The costumes are great! Logan was a Transformer this year and Griffin was a pumpkin.


  4. WOW, they’re cute! Love the costumes! I agree with the above – we need more pictures. Emmett has changed tons since we last got to see him. He’s precious, as are your older boys.
    How much do you LOVE those trumpet socks (that’s what Emmett is wearing, right?)?! they’re the only ones I could ever get to stay on my kids.

  5. I had to come back and say…while this may feel like impossible to you, it is not. I believe that God matched you up with Emmett because you DO have what it takes to be the best possible mommy to him (which certainly does not mean you have to be perfect). I will pray you get some answers on the feeding stuff, but it WILL get easier, you WILL get through this and emerge on the other side with your beautiful boys and you WILL have joy in your family! It is difficult now. I hope you can find some support there, don’t be afraid to ask for specific help from people. In the meantime know you are being lifted up constantly.

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