a rough day

Emmett has had a pretty rough day today. He started vomiting again on Saturday night, and last night he was awake and uncomfortable for most of the night. So off we go to the pediatrician this morning. He has gained weight, and is still pooping, so the doctor was content to just have us keep an eye on the vomiting, watching for any bile, which could indicate an adhesion.

So I take Emmett to Mike’s office to feed him at lunchtime. And while he totally impressed everyone with his cuteness, they were not as impressed with the massive amounts of vomit that he emmitted during his feeding. Vomit that included yellowish liquid, which has never happened before. Mike and I start to worry that we’re on our way back to Addenbrooke’s, but the doctor assured us that as long as there was no neon-green liquid in the vomit, we’re okay.

Back we go to the base hospital to the dermatologist. Where we are informed that unless Emmett’s skin improves drastically over the next two weeks with aggressive topical steroids, he’ll need to do a biopsy to check for more rare conditions.

We head home after that, picking O up from school on the way. I made the mistake of informing him that the plan was for us to go back to the base to meet Mike and Y, to decorate the pumpkins we picked out yesterday ( a fun kids activity the squadron arranges). I say mistake because I later had to find someone else to take him to meet Mike,  after 45 minutes of trying in vain to aspirate stomach contents from Emmett’s ng tube (which we have to do before each feed to ensure the tube is still placed correctly). The home health nurse should be here any minute to replace the tube.

Please pray that Emmett is not forming an adhesion that will neccessitate more surgery – I don’t know how much more he (not to mention the rest of our family) can handle.

Because its Monday, I’ll leave you with a song that I’m really liking right now: Razorlight – Wire to Wire.



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13 responses to “a rough day

  1. I always have to read your posts the second I see them in my Google reader, because you and Emmett are in my thoughts and prayers. What is it they say? When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on!

  2. Beth

    Thanks for the update. You’re in my prayers.

    Hope things are going better!

  3. Sending you prayers from London!

  4. Sending prayers up for baby Emmett and your family….so sorry.

  5. Sending prayers for you all. Hope he is feeling better and continues gaining weight.

  6. WOW, I cannot believe how much your family has already endured. Your writing is still so upbeat, which is just amazing. I am praying Emmett turns the corner and his medical needs slow down. I’m sure you could all use a break from hospitals and doctors, especially sweet little Emmett. Keep us posted, and thank you for the updates.

  7. I am glad you guys are home and hoping you get to stay there for a while. There’s something to be said for not having anywhere to be! I continue to think of you guys every day. Hugs from Dallas. 🙂

  8. This is completely random … but, we are in London and heading to the US on Thursday for 6-7 months to bring home and finalize our baby girl’s adoption, which means our car will be sitting here unused. I read in one of your previous posts that you are down to one car. If you are interested in using a 10 yr old Volvo wagon we would be *SO* happy to help you out. Email me at danawcole(at)yahoo(dot)com.
    god bless!

  9. Christina

    Oh what a rough day – poor baby Emmett and poor you too! Prayers that this vomiting will stop and his body will truly heal up – inside and out.

  10. Beth

    Hoping and praying that everything is okay!

  11. I have been following your blog, I hope that the last few days have been much better. Looking forward to hearing how your cutiepie is doing. Your family is in my thoughts!

  12. Beth

    I sent you an email….I can’t believe I missed your call. I was at work. Ugh!

  13. Must have been a “rough week” by now. 😉 Seriously, hope everything is going as well as possible and that Emmett is healing well from his surgery. I tried to send him a gift but it’s backordered so it may be a while in coming.

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