Sorry I’m a bit behind the ball here, but we are finally home! We were released from the hospital in Cambridge on Tuesday night, and we’ve spent the last several days trying to get adjusted to being home again. Mike went into work on Wednesday, brought his mom to the airport on Thursday, and went to work today…so Emmett and I are getting plenty of time together to try to figure things out. Especially because our “good” car is still in the shop 🙂 .

Life at home with the NG tube is …interesting. He hasn’t yanked it out yet, but of course we’re having some issues with it that never came up in the hospital. That, along with just logistically figuring out all the supplies and medications that are needed with each feed, makes feeding time an adventure. Needless to say, I am so not ready to take the Emmett show on the road yet. At the same time, however, I am going stir crazy here at the house. My activities now consist of taking O to school, entertaining Y, taking care of Emmett, and…nothing else. Of course, next week the doctor’s appointments start back up again, so that’ll add some spice.

Wow, that makes my life sound pretty pathetic. And while I am super frustrated to have my life whittled down to the bare bones, how ungrateful am I? We are so thankful not to be in the hospital anymore. We are so so thankful that so far, he hasn’t had any complications from the surgery. I am incrediably thankful that he made it through the surgery!

While we weren’t expecting this to be our life, God has been so good to us. He has answered many of our prayers concerning Emmett. We are still praying for more healing, both physically and developmentally, but God has been faithful every step of the way.

Thank you so much for all the prayers that have been said by you, your friends, your family members. They have made a difference, I promise.

And at some point I’m going to get back to writing about other stuff besides all the issues surrounding Emmett. In particular, I have questions. Questions about what to do about a 2 year old who is the sweetest boy in the world when he’s happy, but becomes a giant pain in the patootie when the world isn’t going his way. A certain two year old that today, upon learning that I would not be taking him outside to play in lieu of his nap, proceeded to VERY PURPOSEFULLY dump a can of V8 juice all over the floor.

Never a dull moment.



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8 responses to “home

  1. Beth

    Ha! How funny….Y is giving you troubles….sounds like a two year old. Remember when Logan would get mad and hit himself? He would ball up his little fist and punch himself in the head! I would get so upset, but then realized it was better than hitting someone else!

    I’m still praying for healing for Emmett.
    Keep the blogs coming. I love to hear from you…even if your days are boring.

  2. Glad you guys have made it home. As for 2 year olds…banish that kid to only water to drink! 😉 No more V8 for him. hehe

  3. Your life does not sound pathetic at all! Your life sounds dedicated and selfless and compassionate and loving. You are giving your son(s) the care they so desperately need. Glad you have made it home. Sorry about the V8 juice. Aren’t two-year-olds fun???

  4. You sound good. Like Elaine said, you do not sound pathetic. You sound like a great mom who is taking great care of her children. You just had A Lot of unexpected issues to deal with. That is hard. Your are doing a great job.

  5. your faith amazes me!!

    sounds like you guys could use some really dull days 🙂

  6. So glad that Emmett is doing so well. I hope he continues to improve so Mom can get out of the house!!

  7. Jennifer

    God made two year olds so endearing to our hearts in their moments of sweetness so we would not kill them in their moments of, uh, V8 juice dumping.

    I’m not sure what His plan for teenagers was though…maybe the promise that you’re *almost* done if you can just refrain from killing them for a bit longer?

    I’ve heard it said that the toddler years are great preparation for the teen years, so look at is as a learning process. Right? Right??

  8. Are you sure I don’t have his twin?? Her name is Isabella!! We adopted her from Lang Son, Vietnam when she was 2 months old. Most recently, she has been known to dump an entire glass of Diet Coke on my lap, a bowl of cereal on the table, and a bowl of rice on the floor …all because we made her mad somehow!! It is called the ‘terrible twos’ for that reason!!! Sometimes she goes to bed like an angle, other times she is still awake and screaming at 11 pm. Her favorite thing to do is to take the little neighborhood kid by the neck and drive him into the sliding glass window. I try my best to remain calm while she screams in time-out 🙂 My mantra is….this too shall pass!! Hang in there!!

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