E picture

E sleeping

E sleeping

Well, I had a quiet minute waiting for E’s next feeding and discovered that this hospital has wireless.  So here is a pic from my webcam.  We’ll try to bring the camera and get some real photos at some point.  I’m sure 10 years from now E may want to see them, so we should have at least a couple.  I don’t think Ren mentioned that Grandma is coming tomorrow, so that should be a tremendous blessing.




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8 responses to “E picture

  1. Beth

    Thank you for the picture. Please keep us updated as much as you can. I’m sending prayers out for Emmett!

  2. What a sweetie…I’m so happy he has you two there for him to help him find comfort.

  3. Jenna

    Precious little boy…

    I have sent this prayer request to everyone I know.

  4. Your family and little one are in my thoughts and prayers.
    God Bless

  5. praying for you guys this morning. i hope everything is going smootly.

  6. Holding you up in prayer!

  7. I’m going to post on our blog for you guys. God bless you and I hope the surgery went well.

  8. Lots of prayers and love to you from Colorado …

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