I know I haven’t written in forever, and I know that some of y’all are dying for updates…I just don’t have the energy to write right now,  as we spend pretty much every day at one doctor’s office or another. There is so much to tell, but I’d rather wait until we have some firm diagnoses and treatment plans in place. Please don’t stop checking in – hopefully I’ll be able to do a long, information-rich post soon.

Oh, and I couldn’t help but notice that my husband finally mentioned his name – I guess I’ll just refer to him as Mike from now on 🙂



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9 responses to “sorry

  1. I’ve got you in Google reader so I won’t miss a thing. I hope things are okay.

  2. Beth

    We are all praying for you!

    And yes, we desperately want an update, but also know that things are hectic right now. Even a small update is wonderful.
    Hang in there. We love you!!!

  3. We check on you every day. 🙂 Hoping Emmett is improving daily and eating lots and lots. Hope he is able to stretch the feedings to 3 hours apart soon so you can get more rest. It’s like having a newborn I imagine! And no need to apologize to us! I didn’t blog for FOUR WEEKS when I had Mally and she wasn’t at the doctor every other day. 🙂

  4. i really miss hearing from ya, but i COMPLETELY understand why you have been MIA! hope you guys can get some treatment plans in place soon!

    oh, and i did notice that your hubby left his name! i didn’t know if it was a slip 🙂

  5. Britta

    Glad to see you were able to catch even a second of fresh air long enough to type. Hang in there- I think about you all the time! Wish I were there for you.:)

  6. ladybugsmama

    Thinking of you and praying for you!

  7. No need for apologies, but when you get a chance we’ll be here waiting. I hope things take a turn for the better — calmer — soon.

  8. i wish that there was a way, after making so many great friends online, that we could teleport… i’d bring you a big ol’ casserole, play with your boys, and just listen… i hope you’re hanging in there. {hugs}

  9. jan ranger (JTM phoebe)

    hi lauren…remember me from the ‘other’ vung tau orphanage? i check your blog and have been praying for you. run to Jesus when you can. i am running constantly to Him as my attitude is well let’s say not very good right now as we wait…and wait…and wait for 1600 approval. He knows about both our situations and i do believe He cares. thankfully He puts friends just where we need them. you are probably doing better than you think…. xoxoxo, jan

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