Visa – check…I think

So today we had Emmett’s visa interview at the US Embassy. And supposedly, Emmett’s Vietnamese passport now has a IR-3 visa in it. I say supposedly, because I haven’t actually seen the passport yet. The woman who is helping out our VN rep is supposed to be bringing it to the hotel tonight, after her family eats dinner.

So we’re good to go! Go to America that is…and so now I’ve decided to try to get the UK visa. Our IR-3 visa is good for 6 months, and Hunky was able to get him added to our insurance today, so there’s no need to go to America if we can go straight to England. Tomorrow I have an appointment with the British Embassy, and I’m going to do my best to get that visa on Thursday, so that I leave on Friday, and get to London on Saturday. Even if it means staying here longer, I’m relieved that Emmett will only have face one really long plane flight. Oh, get this – I was checking the airline flight schedules, and one airline gets from Vietnam to London via San Francisco – this cannot be the shortest path, right? Or am I just really confused about the geography?

Y’all, I’ve met quite a few Americans here at the hotel and at the Embassy. Its incredible to me just how many babies are being adopted right now from Vietnam. Like I mentioned yesterday, one agency has 5 families here, another has 8. I’ve seen several families that are adopting 2 unrelated babies. I met one woman today who finally has her I-600 approval for her 2 children after 273 days (most of that time spent living with her children in Saigon). Its just incredible.

And yet it also makes me a little…ummm…maybe frustrated is the word I’m looking for? Like I say, one agency has 8 families in town right now – that would be about twice as many referrals as our agency has seen over the past year. Its just funny how things work out – we wouldn’t be here at all if we didn’t choose to try to adopt a child with special needs, but its still hard to meet all of these big, healthy babies, and wonder why our agency didn’t have any of these referrals. And while some of the agencies who have big groups here have less than sterling reputations, not all of them do – I don’t think that VORF is an unethical agency, for example. I’m not sure what I’m trying to say here…

What’s also hard is seeing babies the same age as Emmett and seeing how developmentally delayed he is – some of the babies aren’t much bigger than him, although he certainly wins the smallest baby here award – all of the 5 month olds I’ve seen can ride on their mother’s hips – Emmett doesn’t even have really good head control right now. I’m alternately praying that part of his delays result from the fact that the doctor who saw Emmett while he was in the orphanage advised the staff to hold him on his back on an incline, not to sit him upright, etc, and just trying my hardest not to think about what could be going on in his brain.

Emmett’s face has a horrible rash right now – the SOS doctor says that it’s seborrheic dermatitis, but it didn’t start until we got to Hanoi, so I wonder if it’s allergy-based. I’ve had to break out some hydrocortisone cream, because he is trying to scratch his face all the time. Bless his heart, I think the cooler weather in England will do him good.

I will also be happy to leave the steam room that is Hanoi. I am so smelly at the end of every day, and its not like I’m really exerting myself physically. In fact, tomorrow will mark the end of my clean clothes. And I don’t think I can recycle these dirty clothes – they are seriously stinky. But this is all TMI, isn’t it?



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3 responses to “Visa – check…I think

  1. Beth

    Sounds like you might be doing laundry soon….do they have facilities? If not, you’ll be doing them in the bathtub or sink!
    You’re slowly making progress on getting home. That’s awesome. And one long plane ride would be much better than two.
    I agree… I would be frustrated too if I were you!

  2. he is beautiful! congrats!

    the restaurant quan an ngam (sp?) is a very short walk from the hotel and was our absolute favorite…seriously good.

    you can totally have a smoothie at highlands coffee…also, the sandwiches there are good.

    Praying for you that the logistics work out. I bet when you get your little guy home and he gets some love and good food he will catch up quickly!

  3. oh my gosh, there are still agencies giving out two referrals at once? For non-siblings?! Unbelievable!

    Try not to play the what ifs in your head. SO Much changes SO fast. Addison had absolutely no head control. She was way older than many of the babies at that time (she was 6 months and talk about influx of adoptive parents – there were dozens and dozens with other agencies while I was there all with TEENY practical newborns) but still had the development of a newborn. she did a funny tongue thing like Melissa mentioned and just in general seemed terribly behind. We didn’t give her anything but formula because she still seemed so young to us but now looking back and realizing she was probably like 9 months old or so, it is even worse to think of how behind she was and the fact that we didn’t even think she’d be ready for solids yet! Things really REALLY do change SO fast. So keep documenting all that is happening now and look forward to the changes.

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