a big thanks

Before I head off to feed the baby, I just wanted to tell y’all something: THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH.

Reading Looking for George today reminded me to tell you all that you are seriously life-savers right now. I sit, while Emmett’s sleeping, and read all of your kind and supportive comments over and over again. They all make me cry, but in a good way. They make me feel not so alone, and they give me strength to carry on the next day, and the next.

Please don’t stop! And keep the prayers coming too – I think we’ll need all we can get once we get home and get down to business figuring out what’s going on with Emmett, as well as trying to raise three kids without Hunky. Umm, anyone want a free plane ticket to England? Free in the sense that you would have to help me raise said children. Anyone? Anyone? {cue the crickets}

I love you guys.

And yes, I’d love a little wine with that cheese.

Oh, and I’ve done a terrible job with pictures while I’ve been here, since mostly I’m carrying Emmett in the pouch, the 40lb packpack is on my other shoulder, and the camera lies within the depths of the backpack. Of course, if you’re looking for quality photos, you should be looking at love is spoken here, looking for lulu, or stepping on legos.



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5 responses to “a big thanks

  1. Sorry I missed the first part of your latest adventure while I was traveling myself, but I’m here now and ready to provide supportive comments on demand. When we got Lucy, at 9 months old (and not (supposedly) special needs), she couldn’t sit up herself and exhibited a lot of scary behaviors. That lasted the first week or slightly longer. Then, the scary behaviors faded (sticking her tongue in and out compuslively, others I seem to have blocked out). Within a month she was sitting up. She still has some fairly significant gross motor delays — at almost 2 years she’s still not walking unassisted — but all signs point to her catching up in her own time. We still should schedule a CT scan to rule out … everything, I guess…but there’s not too much concern. I think Emmett will thrive in your capable, competent, compassionate care.

  2. you are right, i am absolutely dying without seeing more pictures!! but, i understand…you have a TON more to worry about right now! i am glad that hunky posted a few to hold me over. emmett is just such a sweet little thing. i really hope you will be able to get home this weekend, so you can get that precious baby some help! and, i am sure you are also missing the little guys at home.

    i would fly over in a heartbeat if i would not be bringing two of my own. i think that would counter-act the effectiveness of my help (is that even a coherent sentence?). although, i do think our kiddos would have fun together!!

    i pray that your new neighbors will be a big help to you when you get home!!

  3. Jennifer

    Send us five tickets to England, and we’ll call it a party. A really, really fun one. With a whole lot of little kids.

    Maybe we could drink copious amounts of liquor so they didn’t drive us insane? LOL

    We are praying for safe and uneventful travels back home for both of you. And we’re praying that O and A adjust easily to a new baby in the house. And we’re praying for Hunky’s safety. And we’re praying for your sanity. I think we’ve got it all covered, right?

  4. also–don’t know what the heart defect is…but I am telling you that if he needs surgery, after surgery these kids do amazing! They have so much more energy etc. etc. Don’t know if that even applies, but he looks so cute and alert in his pics…I bet some of the developmental delays might be related to him just being tired out!

  5. Holy frap!!!!! During the time I was on my THREE WEEK vacation you got a referral, submitted I600, got approval and had your G&R!!!! Um, let’s just say I missed EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!! UNBELIEVABLE! I am so so thrilled for your family and that baby is just the most precious thing EVER!!!! Ok I am going to go back and read up on details! I can’t wait!!!!!!!! Congrats!!!!!!

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