Medical Appointment – Check

Today Emmett had his medical appointment check for his US visa – the doctor gave me some antifungal shampoo for his head, some heavy duty moisterizer for his skin, and some antifungal gel for the yeast infection he has in his mouth. He feels that Emmett shouldn’t need any special medical treatment on the plane to America, which is good news. He weighed about 10lbs, 1ounce totally naked, which puts him way below the 5th percentile for the US weight charts. He was 60 cm long, which puts him slightly below the 5th percentile for height.

I found out after the appointment that the airline we’re flying with has a medical form that the doctor can fill out stating whether the person flying needs anything special. I’m going to go back to the SOS clinic tomorrow to try to have the same doctor that did his exam this morning sign the paper saying that he doesn’t need anything special, and maybe that’ll be enough for us to not have to have him checked by the airport doctor at every stop. I must say that my paranoid mind is really scared not to have oxygen on board a 12 hour flight over the pacific ocean.

This afternoon we went to drop off our visa application, and while there met 5 families from VORF who were all there for their visa interviews. I am so jealous of the fact that they all traveled together, and can share this experience with each other. And their babies were all so cute! – all boys, all between 10-11 months, all so HUGE compared to Emmett!

We got back to the hotel, and as I was saying goodbye to our agency’s VN rep (who is leaving town tomorrow to take another child for DNA testing along with the birth mother, and won’t be back before I’m gone – I hope), I asked her if she had any of our documents still with her, so I could get them before she left. She said no, and looked in her bag, where she discovered our sealed visa medical exam documents. Umm, the same documents that were supposed to be turned in with our visa application. So supposedly she was going to run the documents over there – and I just pray that she didn’t forget anything else, because organization is not this woman’s strong suit, and she’ll be in HCMC tomorrow.

She did get our visa interview moved up a day, so I’ll go and do that tomorrow, hopefully picking up Emmett’s passport on Wednesday. Now we really have to decide whether to try for the UK visa. I’m really thinking at this point about just trying to fly out on Wednesday afternoon if possible, and try to make it to LA on Thursday or Friday, have the passport appointment, and maybe even get back to England this weekend. So many things would have to come together to make that happen, it would take a miracle, but that’s what I’m hoping for. I just don’t know – I’m going to try to call the British Embassy tomorrow to see if they can process his visa before the weekend, but I truly doubt it.

So many decisions to make…on the one hand I want to get Emmett out of here as quick as possible, but on the other hand, Emmett would only have to make 1 superlong plane ride instead of 2 if we went back to the UK.

In other news, Emmett has eaten well today, but been pretty crabby. I’m not sure what’s going on there: is he just upset about being with me, or is he not feeling well? Oh, and you would have thought he was being water-boarded when I applied the antifungal shampoo, and then applied the moisterizing cream after his bath. He cried and cried and CRIED. I would just skip it but his skin is truly a mess, and we just can’t have fungus among us.

Ok, enough rambling. Please pray for our visa interview to go well tomorrow, especially that all of our documents are there.



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2 responses to “Medical Appointment – Check

  1. Beth

    Sounds like things are moving along well. Emmett is definitely a little guy….are he and Griffin really close in age? Griffin was born on the 26th. I think he was 10 lbs at 2 months old…14 lbs at 4 months old.
    Once he’s healthy, he’ll grow! Don’t worry….
    I’m so glad that lady discovered she had that paperwork, but I really can’t stand scatterbrained people being in charge of something so crucial. Especially when it’s such an important situation!
    I wouldn’t worry about Emmett being fussy….at least don’t take it personally. Maybe he’s crying because he’s not used to being touched that much. That’s a lot of sensory input to take in if you’ve not been touched much. He’ll get used to it. Heck, Griffin still screams sometimes when I put lotion on him. 🙂
    Hang in there. You’re doing a great job!!!
    Post more pics soon!

  2. Poor little fella! He sounds small, yeah, but my son, born in Korea and also named Griffin, is still, to this day under the 5th percentile. Well, it kind of goes back and forth between somewhere around the 5th and 14th, depending on his age, according to the calculator. But you know what? He’s fine. Just little. Good luck!

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