On the way

Well, we are in Heathrow and Ren made me pay the $10 to get internet and make a post.  I’m not sure how much access we’ll have to the web when we get there, but we will try to keep in touch.  Our flight leaves in a couple hours, we connect in Doha, Qatar, and arrive into Ho Chi Minh City tomorrow evening.  So begins our great adventure.  I was telling our friend that gave us a ride to the train station that this is something totally out of the ordinary for us.  I have no experience with the Far East or adoption so I don’t even know what I’m forgetting to do.  I’m hoping the kids and pets do ok while we’re gone, and I’m trying not to worry about that stuff not in our control.

We will put up some photos as soon as we can after getting there.   Thanks for keeping us in your prayers.



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6 responses to “On the way

  1. Beth

    Thanks so much for the update! You guys are in my thoughts and prayers. I can’t wait to see pictures. Stay safe and congrats!!!!!

  2. TX Cajun

    I will keep ya’ll and Emmett in my prayers

  3. Have a safe trip. I can’t wait for you to get there.

  4. Yay! You’re on the way!!! I’ll be stalking your blog.

  5. have a safe trip!! i will be checking back frequently for updates!

    can’t wait to see your little guy 🙂

  6. Jeannie

    Wow, guys! I am so thrilled for you two and I can’t believe it is finally happening! This part of the process seemed to go so quickly — it’s amazing.

    My friend who visited Vietnam loved it, so I hope you guys have a good time while you are there.

    Did Ren’s earlier post say you’d be gone three weeks??? Or am I imagining things?

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