Now the G&R is scheduled for Thursday, August 21st. So we’ll leave here on Monday, land in Ho Chi Minh city Tuesday night, have Wednesday to wait, and then Thursday to meet Emmett!

So while Hunky is supposed to arrive now at 9am tomorrow in London, we have a little wiggle room if his plane is late. He could still get a visa on Monday.

I’m freaking out y’all! I’ve been running around here like a chicken with her head cut off, and I feel like we have a massive amount of things left to do – like book plane tickets. And I’ve never left the boys for anywhere near that amount of time – what will I do without my boys for 3 weeks? And where through America shall we go through to get his expedited passport? (Jennifer, right now I’m so wishing you still lived in Hawaii.)

But I have to remember to breathe. Every day I get a little more done that needs to be done. One way or another, ready or not, I will be on a plane to Vietnam on Monday night.

Every day is one day closer to meeting Emmett – I can not believe this is really happening!



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4 responses to “breathe

  1. TX Cajun

    so exciting. just remember to breathe.

  2. i am so glad that everything has worked out!! one week and he will be in your arms!!!

    now get packn’ 🙂

  3. Beth

    I’m so happy for you!!! Keep us updated…

  4. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! This weekend is going to FLY by for you!

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