We got it

…and I don’t mean the acknowledgement that our I-600 was received. I mean we got I-600 APPROVAL!!!!!!

Our agency isn’t open yet, so I have no idea how fast we can travel, but hopefully I’ll have some idea about that in the next few days. As far as Hunky, well, umm, he’s not in town right now, and we have no idea when he’ll be back, but my plan is to try to set our Giving and Receiving Ceremony up as soon as possible, and force the US Air Force to do things my way (note to self: may have to come up with a better plan).

Actually, my real plan is this: I don’t see how anyone could deny that the Lord has been helping out our family so far – I mean, approval in 8 days! (and the letter was even dated August 8th!) – and we just have to trust that He’ll make it work (how I miss Project Runway). In the meantime, if everyone could keep praying for Emmett, that the Lord would keep his heart strong during the home stretch, we would be so grateful.




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12 responses to “We got it

  1. That is absolutely amazing. I am so incredibly happy for ya’ll.

  2. USCIS must be on the ball! I woke up to our approval this morning too, after only 5 working days. Of course, WE had to get an acknowledgement first :). We don’t have a G&R yet either and I don’t know if scheduling can be hurried along, but I think I-600 approval is the hard part, right?

    I’ll be praying for Emmett’s health and your peace as you wait to travel. It can’t be long now! Cheers!

  3. Beth

    Woo Hoo!!! Hurray!!! Keep us updated. This is great news!

  4. Wow!! That is amazing! I am so happy for you guys.

  5. Sandy

    WOOHOO! GREAT NEWS! Our I-600 was received Aug 4th so I’m hoping we get good news soon too!

  6. WOW! Congratultions!!!! I hope you get to travel soon!

  7. Kim

    Congratulations! That is amazing. I’m so glad to see that the DOS can act quickly when there is a medical need. I hope your travel logistics work out.

  8. Jeannie

    REN!!! Yay yay yay! I am so happy for you guys. This is one lucky little boy — you are truly exceptional parents and people. Wish I could give you a big hug and celebrate with you. Can’t wait to see pictures of him and meet him one day.

  9. Congratulations! That is sooooo awesome!

  10. yea!! i am so very happy for you guys! i can’t believe that in a few short days you are going to hold you baby in your arms!!

    congrats again!

  11. lookingforlulu


  12. Oh my gosh — I leave home for two weeks and look what I missed! I’m going to make my way through your post till I get current…congratulations!

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