how did we get this much STUFF???

All of our stuff is now in the new house. Not unpacked, but here. And already this neighborhood is a thousand times better than our old one. One neighbor made us dinner (homemade even!). Another neighbor came over to deliver a welcome card her daughter had made with all of the kids’ names and addresses who live on this street. Another stopped to chat. I’m telling you, this is more conversation with neighbors than we’ve had, ummm, since we left America.

Oh, but the unpacking! Ugh…not my favorite. My favorite is deciding where furniture and pictures and artwork should go, and then watching as someone else makes my wishes their commands. When we moved to England I got all the unpacking done within a few days. That will not be happening this time around, I’m afraid.



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7 responses to “how did we get this much STUFF???

  1. Christina

    Oh yeah, right there with you on the unpacking. Thankfully Hubby rocks at unpacking and he did a lot after I hit a wall and just couldn’t open one more box. Your neighbors sound awesome!! What a blessing.

  2. Jennifer

    Sounds great!! How much longer are you guys in England?

  3. Beth

    We still have boxes we haven’t unpacked…and we’ve been here for over three months. I totally understand.

  4. Beth

    Have you gotten settled yet?

  5. Unpacking . . . ugh! Figuring out where to hang everything . . . double ugh! Most of our stuff is currently hanging wherever the former owners had left nails/screws in teh walls. One of these days we’ll figure out where we actually want it.

  6. Jennifer

    Um. Did you get lost in a box somewhere? Shall we send out the search and rescue team? Hope all is well with you guys!

  7. Beth

    I was wondering the same thing. I hope everything is going good!!!

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