music monday and happy birthday!

Happy Birthday O! i can’t believe you’ve been on this earth for 4 years now. I just want to say that you are my favorite big boy ever, and it is a priviledge to be your mama. I love you so much.

Frap, I’ve just realized I can’t post a picture tonight, since we only have the laptop. Rarrrr!

Oh, and thanks O, for sharing your birthday with moving day number one.

Since most of y’all don’t get the BBC, I wanted to share this video with you: These are the Days by Jamie Cullum is the song that the BBC used for the ending credits of Wimbleton. And although I think America does a better job with the sports commentary (I missed my John McEnroe commentary), I think the song is awesome and the photo montage pretty good as well.

Ok, that’s it – I’m pooped and we’ll be at it again all day tomorrow.


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One response to “music monday and happy birthday!

  1. Beth

    Happy Birthday to O!!!! That means my little man only has a few more days as a three year old too.
    I can’t believe our babies are boys now. Time flies.

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