favorite photo friday

Y on the London Eye: June 2008

There were so many good shots of Y taken this day, it was hard to choose! But I love this one – both of the kids had a great time on the Eye, but Y especially loves any form of transportation, including large slow moving ferris-wheel-like rides.

I just asked Y what the favorite part of our vacation to London, Rome and Edelweiss, and he says “the buses”. He is not kidding. And there was A LOT of bus riding.

FYI, O wants to add that his favorite part was the swimming pool:

So we STILL haven’t gotten any more information. Supposedly our I-600 was supposed to be filed this week. I’m thinking not so much. The question is, how often is too often to hound call our agency? Once a week? Twice a week?



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2 responses to “favorite photo friday

  1. TX Cajun

    So it really is an official referral if they are sending in your I600, right? I am getting really excited for ya’ll.

  2. Beth

    Hey, the squeaky wheel gets the oil…that’s what I always say!
    Good luck. Can’t wait to hear official news!

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