still here

I’ve been totally bad about writing lately – I’m sorry. We got back from vacation last Thursday, and, well, I just haven’t felt like writing yet.

So much is going on: the aforementioned vacation, July 4th parties, working an extra day this week, hosting a spouses coffee on Thursday, and did I mention that we’re MOVING on Monday? Meaning that house has to be pretty darn clean all the time for prospective renters. I’ll write more about the moving later.

Things I’m stressed out about: losing childcare after the move – as of August 1st, when my mom leaves, I have no more childcare. How I’m going to manage that and work is ummm, beyond me; the adoption – this is just one big ball of stress right now, as we are STILL unsure whether we have an official referral or not (our agency tells us that ‘essentially’ we do, which is JUST. NOT. GOOD. ENOUGH.). I promise I will give all the details later, but until things are a little bit more concrete, I just don’t feel comfortable sharing details. Hunky and I are just really feeling like this may not work out, and I spend way many hours of the day wondering how this child is doing, if we will, in fact, be able to adopt him, if we will get travel approval before Hunky deploys in September (increasingly unlikely), how we’ll be able to complete the adoption with Hunky deployed, how we’ll be able to get this child onto our health insurance (an absolute necessity given the situation) and into England without the adoption being final, and a million other details. I have to tell myself a thousand times a day that God has A Plan, and that He will work this out according to His Will. And my mind still feels like its going a million miles a minute anyway.

I’ve got to go to work – more later.


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  1. wow…you guys have a ton going on!! i think i missed the part where you “kind of” got a referral and also the part about you all moving!! crazy times!!

    you are right, there is no plan B…so you can definitely rest in that! He will carry you through this.

    hang in there…keep us posted!

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