Favorite Photo…Saturday

O at Chuch Farm – June 2008

I love the expression on his face – just kinda quirky, right?

Thank you all so much for all the kind words about Parks. He will always be Our Favorite Dog, and could never be replaced. We’re all doing alright, and really, I thank God because his passing couldn’t have happened in a more peaceful way. He died in his sleep laying right beside my mom. We didn’t have to make any difficult decisions, he didn’t suffer, and we don’t have to worry about something like this happening this coming week when we leave for vacation and have friends taking care of the animals. But we are still heartbroken, and feel like a big part of our family and our hearts is missing.

And I never would have thought it, but Kodi seems…not upset, but affected by Parks not being here. She hasn’t done anything naughty this whole week, which may be a record for her. If I thought it would make her happy to get another dog as a companion, we’d do it in a heartbeat, but Kodi has always kind of been a loner. I think she’s maybe afraid that we took Parks away because he did something bad (as if), and if she steps out of line, it’ll be adios for her as well. This may not be a bad thing, for her to operate under that assumption.

Anyway, Hunky’s family arrives in town today…we’ll hang out here for a few days before leaving for Rome and Germany. I welcome the distraction, although I think it’ll be really hard to come back from vacation and realize afresh that Parks won’t ever be greeting us at the door again, shoe or child’s toy in mouth, tail wagging wildly, as if to say “welcome dear friend”.



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2 responses to “Favorite Photo…Saturday

  1. Jeannie

    Man O looks like a different kid than when I saw him. He looks so much like you, Ren, and so cute!
    And you last sentence here killed me.

  2. i love that shot too…with his little smirk 🙂

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