favorite photo friday

Y at Church Farm – June 2008

I love this one – what can he be thinking about? This is my boy of a million expressions. My boy who, when asked who is his best friend is, says “mama”. My boy who, whenever he sees a sad face in a book or a baby crying, says “that baby cryin ’cause he wants his mama”. In his world, what else could be so upsetting besides missing his mama…his best friend :).

O, on the other hand, has never chosen me to be his best friend…that role has always belonged to one of his peers – Grace, Logan, Emily, William (although yesterday my heart broke a little when he came home from school and told me that William had told him that he didn’t want O to be his friend anymore. That little punk). I am sometimes his favorite person, but never the best friend.

Maybe someday they’ll pick each other for best friends. A girl can hope, right?

Oh, and remember a few weeks back when I went on a rant about how it irritates me when someone I’m not friends with calls me out of the blue for vet advice? Tonight, at 6pm, my son’s and my ENT called me, at home, for advice about his buddy’s dog. I don’t even know this Dr’s first name, y’all! He must have looked up my home phone number from our medical records at his office. Is this, or is this not an INAPPROPRIATE thing to do?

Of course I acted like it was totally fine, and gave him the best advice I had, which was to tell his buddy that it would, IN NO WAY, be a good idea for him to try to pull out one of his dog’s molars with a pair of pliers, at home, with or without boot-legged anesthesia.



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2 responses to “favorite photo friday

  1. Next time you go to the ENT it better be free is all I’m saying.

  2. Beth

    Better to not tick off the ENT, but still…you’d think he would not like to get these types of phone calls from people either. I’m friends with Logan and Griffin’s pediatrician, and I got out of my way to NOT talk about their health. She’s brought it up on occasion, and I’ll talk about it, but I would never, ever call her, if I could avoid it.
    I almost emailed you about Oliver. 😉 Little turd got a cat bite that got infected. I took him to the vet and he had an abcess. Yuck. Steve just thought I should put some neosporin on it! I thought otherwise…
    Since he’s started going outside, he’s lost weight (he’s only 14 lbs now), and he’s sooo much happier! Now if I can just keep him out of trouble.
    Miss you!!!

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