So not an earth shattering type of disaster, but pretty upseting to me – the pictures of Y’s birthday party didn’t come out. Something appears to be wrong with our camera’s zoom feature – pictures are just coming out blurry when they never have before. And, somehow, sometime during the party, something vaguely frosting-like  (could have possibly been FROSTING) got on the lens, and every picture taken from that point on is unrecognizable.

This is all I’ve got, y’all:

The cake – May 2008

Ugh, this just sucks, because everyone knows the whole reason to have birthday parties for young children is two-fold: so they can enjoy themselves that day; and so they can look back years from now at the pictures and think, hey, my parents must really love me to have thrown me a party at such a young age that I have no recollection of the event.

Anyway, bygones – hopefully my mom has something halfway decent on her camera, and hopefully this all means that I can get what I really want, which is a NEW camera. Really, people, we’re working with a 2004 model, 4-megapixel point and shoot, and I think its time to bite the bullet and invest in a really nice SLR camera.

But the party was a success – no presents (per our request), just dinner, cake and ice-cream with some friends. And Y was so cute – the boy talks up a storm at home, just like his older brother, but he really doesn’t say much at all in front of even our friends that he sees all the time. So everyone was shocked when I announced that we were going to sing Happy Birthday, and Y bursts out with “Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me, etc” at the top of his lungs. I think it was the first time several of the grown-ups had heard him speak.

Man, I really wish at least one of him blowing out the candles had turned out.

But check out the cake – I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out, and I think the cupcakes-as-a-cake thing is the way to go – it was so easy, whereas I think baking cakes is kind of a pain in the patootie. Of course, my mom actually baked the cupcakes, but I did do the decorating. And they were very tasty!



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3 responses to “disaster

  1. TX Cajun

    That stinks about the pictures. I am sure your mom got some good ones. Glad the boys and yourself had a good time. If you are scratching your head as to who this is??? I just changed my “handle.” I know that is only supposed to be CBs but love that word.

  2. Jennifer

    Ack!! That is so not cool about the pictures. Hopefully your mom has at least a few on her camera so you’ll have *something*!
    I totally screwed up pictures at the girls Kinder graduation, so don’t feel bad. I have no clue what I set it on, but by the time I figured out how to fix it, both of my girls had already gone across the stage and were done. Lovely, huh?
    The cake is TOO CUTE! I am loving the cupcake as a cake idea too, but I’m lazy and order ours from Sam’s. I did the ladybug cupcake thing for the girls’ 2nd birthday and swore NEVER AGAIN.

  3. lauren

    Of course, the only reason we ended up making the cake is because AAFES decided to change their cake ordering process the exact day we tried to order the cake. Y had his heart set on a Diego cake for months, but now you have to order the cake 8 days ahead of time, instead of 3. Oh the tears! Oh the weeping and gnashing of teeth! And I’m terrible, I just let him throw a fit in the middle of the commissary while shooting dirty looks at the mean AAFES man, as if to say “look at what you’ve done”.
    Rest assurred that when we get back to the states, it’ll be store-bought birthday cakes all the way.
    By the way, O now wants a Spiderman cake for his birthday – I don’t think I can carry that one off with cupcakes.

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