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I’ll try to do favorite photo friday tomorrow, since I haven’t uploaded the pics from Y’s birthday party to the computer yet.

Instead, lets talk strollers. I could really talk about baby gear all day long, just like baby names, but I need to focus on strollers. I’m planning on buying one in the next couple of days, and I need some input. I’m looking for a single stroller, because O really wants to walk pretty much all the time, and if we end up adopting a baby, I figure he’ll be in a sling or wrap for short outings, which is what this stroller will be used for.

The stroller that I would really really love to have is the Mountain Buggy Urban single, because I have the double, and I still love it after over 2 years, but I need something smaller and lighter, not to mention cheaper.

The stroller I almost bought around Christmas time was this number from Tike Tech, but it would cost me an arm and a leg to get it over here, and I had wanted a single stroller I could use as a jogging stroller, whereas now I do a circuit training class on Mon and Fri, and run on a treadmill Tue/Thurs at our base’s playplace, so I’m not running with the kids in the stroller anymore. Plus, I’m really kind of looking for an umbrella-type stroller, one that could easily fit in the car, on a bus, on the subway, etc.

Which brings us to the dilemma:

Everybody and their mother over here in England has a Maclaren. They are made in Britain, and range from reasonably priced to waaaayyy expensive. Of course the one I would want is the waaaayyy expensive one, which runs about $350. If I were to choose a Maclaren, the $350 Techno XLR is out of the question, so I would probably choose the Quest Sport, which runs about $200. I know I’d be getting a quality stroller, but…

Here’s what I really want to get: a stroller from the baby planet endangered species line. I want the lemur frog one – isn’t it cool? And I could get it from Amazon for $190 with FREE shipping, which is unheard of over here, since no one wants to ship via US postal service for free, and FedEx and UPS won’t deliver to PO Boxes. I think that this stroller would be about the equivalent to the Maclaren Quest, and the reviews I’ve read have been good, but it just makes me nervous to buy a stroller that no one that I know has, and I can’t test it in a store.

About a year ago, maybe more, I bought a Joovy Ultralight Caboose Stroller off of Amazon, sight unseen. This is the kind of stroller that one kid can sit in the front, and the other kid can sit or stand in the back. The idea is outstanding, and I can’t tell you how many compliments I’ve had, but this stroller does not have air-filled tires. And I’m not sure why, but if there is a lip in the road anything over 1/4 inch, this stroller won’t go over it, without you pressing on the back, to raise the front tires off the ground. Y got unceremoniously dumped on his head earlier this week, when the stroller wouldn’t go over a miniscule bump in the road. Now given, he should have had a seat belt on, and we won’t be making that mistake again, but this not going over bumps things really irritates me – aren’t stroller supposed to be designed to go over streets, not just supersmooth mall floors? So that’s what I’m afraid these umbrella-like strollers are going to do – since the tires aren’t air-filled, will they balk at every sidewalk crack? Because while this won’t be a stroller I’ll be exercising with, it’ll be used outside more than inside.

So has anyone used a Maclaren, or even better, a Baby Planet Stroller? I’d like to try to order tomorrow, so that there’s a chance it’ll be delivered by the 26th of June, when we leave for Rome.

Oh, have I mentioned our trip? We’ll spend a few days in Rome, then about 5 days in Germany, at the military resort Eidelwiess. We’ll be going with the kids, my mom, Hunky’s parents, one of his brothers, his wife, and their almost 3 year old. Am I excited? Heck yeah! Am I more than a little nervous about traveling with 3 kids under 4? More than a little bit. But the adults will way outnumber the kids, so we should be okay. Right? RIGHT???!??



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4 responses to “in place of regularly scheduled programming…

  1. i don’t have any stroller advice. the double and single strollers i have stink and i will definitely be getting a new one once we get a referral.

    your family trip sounds amazing!! i am so jealous!!!

  2. Jeannie

    Your trip sounds amazing!!

    My friends looooooove their Maclaren strollers. That’s about all I know.

  3. We’ve had the Maclaren Quest Sport since Christmas. It’s great. I don’t love the handles (why does everyone love the handles?) and the basket is small, but it’s super easy to fold and put away, drives great, comfy, la la la. I was just at the playground scoping out some double strollers- I went home and googled the one I wanted and OMG $750?!?!?! HOLY CRAP.

    Also: totally jealous of your trip. We stayed at some of those military resorts. Sigh. And Rome? What I wouldn’t give for some gelato RIGHT THIS SECOND. Mmm. Have fun!

  4. We have the combi cosmo dx and the quinny buzz. Love them both. The combi cosmo is about 60 bucks and super easy and has all the features of a real stroller but folds up very small. Also, it stands alone when folded which I find useful when getting in/out of the car and home etc. The Quinny ROCKS. But it costs as much as a small car. 🙂

    We’ll be in Paris July 18th-24th. Maybe this is a silly question…but how far is that from where you live? Is meeting in the middle unrealistic?

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