favorite photo friday and adoption update

O in the kitchen – may 2008

This isn’t really a favorite photo {blurry! and weird side forehead shadows!}, but it does show off O’s summer haircut…Y has one to match. Although the haircut lady was appalled when I said this, and informed me that I should be cutting the boys’ hair every 4-6 weeks, I figure if its this short, I won’t have to get them another haircut until NEXT summer.

Bathtime is sure a lot easier on a hairwashing night, too.

So I feel as though its been awhile since I’ve talked adoption stuff. And I don’t really have anything to talk about now, although y’all can visit VVAI, and read this post, about how the DNA testing everyone was all hot and bothered about in early April is now a reality. You could also go here to read about Ethica’s campaign, which is in its last days {although I’m pretty sure you could donate anytime 🙂 }, because she says it much better than I.  Finally, you can visit the JCICS site, to find out how to help nudge our government work to continue adoptions in Vietnam, in an ethical manner, rather than letting adoptions from Vietnam to the United States cease in September. Okay, maybe I did have some information to impart.

On a personal adoption note, we are hoping to maybe hear something positive within the next 2 months. Rather, we’ve had some positive news, but maybe we will hear something concrete. Stay tuned!

Oh, and we’re planning to have Y’s very extremely belated birthday party tomorrow, so hope for good weather and healthy kids (we’ve all had some type of stomach virus, which has hit Y the hardest so far, although Hunky is currently laying in bed, moaning).


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  1. Beth

    I hope everyone feels better soon!

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