music mondays – Vampire Weekend and sadness

Ooh, I really like this song. I can’t explain why, although it reminds me a little of Dirty Dancing, and I can’t explain that either – maybe it reminds me of that song Baby’s sister sang? Anyway, check out Oxford Comma by Vampire Weekend.

Ok…on to the sadness part of the post: yesterday I had written this long post about how I thought I was going to have to put Parks to sleep today, after he tried to die on me and the kids this weekend. HOWEVER, last night when we got home from church, he had actually gotten up under his own power to come and greet us at the door, and today he seems pretty much back to what normal means for him now. So while I think we’re really at the beginning of the end for the best dog in the world, we’re not as close to the end as I would have sworn this time yesterday.

Which means this post isn’t as sad as I thought 🙂



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3 responses to “music mondays – Vampire Weekend and sadness

  1. Jeannie

    Parks!! I can’t stand it. Please tell him I will always be his person and I love him more than a person should love a dog.

  2. Oh no! Poor Parks! Marty will be so sad if something happens to Parks. Hugs!

  3. Beth

    Awww…Lauren, I’m so sorry. Give some love to Parks from me!!

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