favorite photo friday – our little gangsta

Word to your mo-tha – March 2008

This one cracks me up. I look at this picture and visions of Flava Flav pop into my head. And I’m pretty sure those beads have a big Bud Lite logo on the four leaf clover. That’s our baby :). If there are beads close by, he will find them. Heaven help us during Mardi Gras when he’s in college.

Oh y’all, I am so tired! Somehow I thought it would be a good idea to work 2 days at the vet clinic this week, while the other vets are at a conference, also while Hunky is out of town. Not a good idea. It makes for a really long day at school for the kids (7:30-6)…so they’re exhausted when I pick them up, which translates into super crabby. It also makes for an even longer day for me – up at 5:45, 45 minute commute each way, which translates into a crabby mom. Yep, I think one day a week of work outside the home is about my limit when I’m the only adult in the house. Thankfully its only a little over a week until my mom gets here, so even when Hunky’s gone, the kids won’t have to go early or stay late at school for the next few months.

However, I will say one of the excellent things about being back at work is that it makes me super grateful for the days that I’m not at work. Work isn’t bad, mind you, but I love waking up and not having to rush out of the house…and you just take that for granted when its what you do every day.

Only 4 more days til Hunky gets home!



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3 responses to “favorite photo friday – our little gangsta

  1. angie

    love that shot!


  2. Jeannie

    Your caption and the photo made me burst out laughing. And I saw him in person that day, but the photo just really captures the moment. Love it.

  3. Beth

    That is a great picture! So cute! That’s definitely one that will have to come out when his first girlfriend comes to meet you. 🙂

    I’m so happy that you’re mom is coming to be with you guys for a few months. That’s got to be such a relief…

    I started back to work too. Just three hour shifts, but it’s nice to get out.

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