music monday – Indigo Girls

So Happy Mother’s Day (ummm…belated yet again) everyone! It was hard for me to remember that it was actually Mother’s Day, as Hunky’s not here, so any pampering was out the window. Its okay though, I took the kids to an antique show and bought myself a little something (okay, 2 little somethings). And although the kids were up at 6am (after not going to bed the night before until 9:30pm), they were mostly super good all day. And although I am a big fan of Mother’s Day being a day for all mamas to be totally honored and wined and dined, Mother’s Day always makes me think not only how grateful I am to my mom, whom I consider my best friend, but how honored and blessed I am to have these 2 great kids. They are the best.

at the reservoir, March 2008

At the Reservoir – March 2008

Okay, so on to the music…this week’s choice is an oldie, but it showed up on the shuffle setting on my iPod this week, and I haven’t heard it in years, but it pretty much sums up how I feel about England. Of course its not really true this week, because the weather here has been ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS lately, and when its like this, I could picture myself staying for a few more years. But still – I love the song, and it is perfect for how I feel about the weather here at least 8 months out of the year. You’ve got to take the song literally. Here it is – Prince of Darkness

Soon to come – we really need to have a heart to heart about boy names, y’all.



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  1. Berd

    Thanks for all those nice comments. (Even if I did goof on the pictures. ) We’ll have a Daughter’s Day when I get to England. I’ll pamper you. I love you guys. Berd Oh yeah nice comments about your brother too.

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