Again with the belated – music monday – Paulo Nutini

I love this song. Its not really a happy song, but its the kind of music I’d have playing in the background in my house, if only we had a stereo system…a must-have when we get back to America and away from the voltage issues.

Nothing really happening here – tomorrow is my first real day of work at the Vet clinic. I went in last week, saw a patient and helped with anesthesia for a surgery, but tomorrow the craziness begins. I’ll drop the boys at school at 7ish, make the 45 minute drive, work until 4:30, then go pick them up. Did I mention that I chose more money over a lunch break? And that they schedule 3 appointments every 15 minutes? That’s no typo – supposedly I will only see 1 of those patients, with the techs seeing the others, but I’ve never worked anywhere that animals came in only for vaccinations and the clients didn’t have questions about this ear or that lump. So we’ll see. I’m nervous, and totally not committed mentally to this job yet. In my mind, I think, if I hate it, I can always quit. BUT…I’d really like to make enough to pay for the convention I had to go to for my CE hours, and there’s this really nice piece of furniture Hunky isn’t in love with and won’t buy for me…so work I must.

Hmmm, what else? Nothing on the adoption front, nothing on the kids front. Hunky leaves tomorrow for a 2 week trip. Then he’ll be home for 10 days before leaving again for a couple of weeks. Its what I like to refer to as “summertime at our house”.


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One response to “Again with the belated – music monday – Paulo Nutini

  1. Jeannie

    Hey Ren. Just popping in to say I miss you.

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