music mondays – The Kooks

What you do is, you go here, and then you have to scroll on the playlist to #6, She Moves in Her Own Way.

This song makes me happy because I like to believe that Hunky loves me because I’m unique (aka, weird and crazy), and that he wouldn’t trade me for anyone else, cause they’d be sooo boring compared to the wackiness that is me.

Today I got the package from my mom with the zip drive in it, so we should be able to share pictures soon…also we now have Y’s back-up bee (security blanket) back with us, so maybe I can pry his tiny fingers away from the stinking mess that his other bee is to wash it. Thanks mom.

In other news that won’t be news to anyone in adoption-land, please check out this post at VVAI – it links to a long letter from the US Embassy concerning irregularites in Vietnam adoptions, as well as to a warning by the US Embassy about Vietnam adoptions. The warning basically states that the VN government has announced that they will not issue referrals to the US after Sept 1st. The summary of irregularities, well, you should really just read it yourself, and see if you don’t feel like throwing up afterwards. It is truly horrifying, the things that go on in the name of “giving children a home”.

So what does this all mean for us? Well, our agency does not expect any referrals before Sept 1st, except maybe for children with special needs. Seeing as how we want a child with special needs, we have some hope left. What we don’t have really is a backup plan. I have the waiting child websites for a couple of other agencies that work in Vietnam, and we are just praying that there would be a child out there for us. If it doesn’t work out, we are honestly not sure what to do. Again, the thought of doing another dossier makes me want to hibernate, and I’m not sure how all the details would work with us living overseas, now that the Hague has been enacted in the US. I think we would definitely go with a waiting child program next time, with whatever country.

What I’m left with is a general sense of unbelief: that some people/agencies could be so corrupt, and that even though I believe our agency has nothing to do with any of the corruption, we will still most likely not be able to adopt a child from Vietnam.

Bad people and agencies suck. 



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3 responses to “music mondays – The Kooks

  1. lookingforlulu

    i truly hope a referral comes through for you.
    this is all just a nightmare.
    thinking of you and all of the other waiting families.

  2. Beth

    I’m sorry to hear the bad news. I hope things work out.

  3. I too am hopeful for you…there are a lot of days between now and September 1.

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