NOW its favorite photo friday

Some highlights of our trip so far:

my little vikings: pre-trip

the boys with my grandaddy

the boys with their Berd and Grandaddy – my mom and dad

the boys, me and my MeMe

Giraffe at the Jackson Zoo, thinking “who are these wackos?”

Valentine’s Day Hugs

the fam in Las Vegas…this is the only pic from Vegas on my camera – I’m really hoping my mother-in-law has more

up on the mountain in Albuquerque…is it called Sandia Mountain – who knows?

I am really lamenting the fact that my camera had both no space and no charged batteries to use when Britta and her fam came up to visit – her son Jensen is beyond cute, and of course Devynn is beautiful.

So how’s that for pictures? Happy now, internet? HAPPY NOW?


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One response to “NOW its favorite photo friday

  1. Happy! thanks for sharing the photos. I love the one of the boys hugging. Very cute.

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